Sunday, September 30, 2007

Halloween Village & Sweet 16 Frame

I put my Halloween village
up this weekend!

I also made this
frame for my Daughter.

She turns 16 in November!

Been a busy weekend!

This is the Cherry on

th top of my cupcake!

Starts tonight!


have a great day!


Friday, September 28, 2007


In German Means:
A Thousand Thanks!!!
Thanks Very Much!!!!

I had sent Carola a little
foofy package.

look what she sent me today!
O Happy Day!

Awesome Green Crystal

crown pin. Lovely!

German Home & Crafting magazines!

Totally cool! Can't read a word, but
the pictures are to die for. Love them.

German Crepe paper!!!

German scrap, flowers
and glass buttons!

3 beautiful German Postcards &

A gorgeous photo!

German Scrap

Butterflies & Flowers


German Music book!

scraps too!


Gold coiling, glass beads

German glitter, and a very

cute little bird.

Beautiful Blue Borders!

Gorgeous Lace Trim!

Honestly, I even saved the wrapping

paper and all the tinsel & ribbon ties!

I feel so lucky!!!


you are o' so Fab!

Everyone Have a great weekend!


Thursday, September 27, 2007

911 "This is an Emergancy!" Jessi's Speechless!

"Im not worthy!"
(Waynes world)

Ok let me back up a little
My super Generous swap
totally spoiled me today!!!


Look at this Raven!!! Totally cool!

Ok how cute is this little guy!

love him, totally Primitive!

This SCREAMS Jessi!

He's Adorable!!!

Paper Lanterns! totally cool!

She even gave me some

yummy face masks!

I saved all the ribbons!

LOVE Everything!

You have to go and check

out Kim's Blog!

She's Super talented!

In my 1st picture

that cupcake ornament,

(totally cute)

she makes them!

so fun!



Wednesday, September 26, 2007

It's Hump day! Homecoming, and baby showers!

Yeah the week is half way over!

Yesterday was so much fun
everyone has such beautiful
homes! what fun! Thanks Karla.

This past weekend we
had homecoming!
My daughter and her
boyfriend were totally cute!

They had a great time!!!

of course had to take a
shot of the a"shoes"

and the flowers!

What a cute little couple!

Then Sunday i gave my

friend Dani a baby shower

at her moms house!

Dani got so many cute things!

It was allot of work.

and allot of fun!

Have a happy



Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Karla's "What do you love about your House?"

Karla's Having a party!
What do you love about your house?

In my last post
i took you on a little tour of
my favorite fall


outside this morning!

My garage side!
my favorite thing outside

is the view from my kitchen


On the inside i have
lot's of favorite things!
Here are 2 of my secret spaces
I collect Department 56!

ok ,im a little obsessed!
i collect almost all the villages
this is just a small portion of my

Secret Space #1



Secret Space #2



Last ,but not least

im crazy obsessed with smells!

i must have a 100 candles

plug ins, tart burners , room sprays

bowls of potpouri, carpet sprinkles.

ladies the list goes on

and on!

My favorite candle of the moment

is Banana Nut Bread by

"Keepers of the light"

This is just a little snippet of my life.

Come back often.

Im going to post my

Halloween village soon.

I can't wait for Christmas

season. Again, i go a little

coo coo. O' well lifes short!

Enjoy it!