Sunday, March 29, 2009

after the big day

so after a long day of crafting and shopping, me and my table mates went out for dinner, and more shopping!

New dress fo Georiga, so cute!!!!

Gina & Me

Joanna & Me

(left row)Cheryl, Suzanne, Natalie, and me

(right row) Gina, Joanna, Jenny , and Heather

all of us stuffed ,ready for bed!

tomorrow we are going to

"La mason Rustique"

The Barn in Temuculla



Friday, March 27, 2009

The BIG Day!!

Ok girls here's Saturday
Hollywood LA California

Cheryl & me coming up the stairs

Beautiful room and decorations

My place setting

Everything is custom down to the white and cream m&m's


Christine Rose Elle

Lots of swaps

The crown swap girls

Pam Garrisons class

Garland class

The Girls of Mason Blanc

Holly Stinnetts
Homemade apron

Jenny, Gina, & Joanna

Amy, Pam, Kim, and Teresa

Jenny & Kim

Holly & me

Me & Joanna

Christine & me

Holly & me

Gina, Joanna, and Jenny

Heather and Me

The shopping was off the hook

me and Amy

Amy's house canvas class

Kristen Robinson chandiliers

Gorgeous handmade puff balls by Kim

beautiful flowers everywhere

Yummy treats at tea time

Me and Teresa

Teresa's Milagro's class
mine is the bottom right

Kim and her darling Mom

Me and Kim Hesson

Me and Kim Caldwell

The teachers doing the
"scrappy jessi pose"

Pam, Teresa, and Amy
Thanks ladies!
your classes were great.
A big ol' thanks to miss KIM!
Again you leave me speechless with all the effort and special touches you put into everyone of your events.
(and that's hard to do! tee hee)
Love y'all