Thursday, October 28, 2010

I've been gilded twice

Hey Hey campers.

I am back from Dallas.
What a fun weekend.

I went to Shea & Debbie's
"House" Church
for a weekend of creating
Our first day we made this crown
It was so beautiful.

Shea & Debbie
Fab mother daughter team
My rockin roomie
Stacy McGinnis

crafting my crown...
This was Debbies class.

 I added lots of trims, and bling!
Even Skylar thinks its purdy!

it now resides atop my desk lamp.

The next day we made a 
Shea taught this class.

This was such a fun project.
Every crown was so different!

Stacy and I were
 determined to get all my projects done.

we even made a couple 
hobby lobby & michaels runs.
tee hee

This is a shot Jana took, 
I'm half way done making it.

I finished the rest when i got home.
My finished 

This was such a fun class.
like i said everyone had there own ideas.
Mine just happen to include Barbie.
tee hee

Danielle working on her gorgeous crown
Picture from Jana

Earleen & Annette!
Arizona girls in the Church.
tee hee

Me & Annette

Cute Girls crafting away!

What a fun group of Ladies.

Me and Danielle
The Mustard girls!

Stacy & Me
gettin a little silly by now...

The last day we made this beautiful necklace.
Both Shea and Debbie taught this class.

Class kit...
Debbie made each of us a beautiful scarf.

We soldered 3 pieces of glass together.
not an easy task.

Heather teaching Earleen soldering!!
woo hoo

I still have to add some 
crystal and pearl
  chains to mine.

It was 3 whole days of creating and crafting.
i learned so many tricks.

Thanks Girls!!!

Next Up.....

Silver Bella

Cant wait to take classes, 
play , eat, shop, and hang with the girls!

See ya'all real soon!


Thursday, October 21, 2010

"Hey Doll" Model of the month!!!

Hey Hey sweeties,

I'm off to Dallas this morning.
can't wait to see all the
"Gilded Girls"

Model of the Month!!!

Miss Vivian Hayslip

What a Doll!!!

This is Miss Vivian Hayslip,
Jennifer Hayslip's sweet little girl.
She is  the Perfect Model 
for the "Hey Doll" line!!!

Thanks Jenn for all the 
darling photos of Miss Vivi!!!


Sunday, October 17, 2010


Were Back!!!

We had a Ball in Georgia
so Beautiful!

The Chateau Elan Was

The first night we played
night golf.

It was pretty funny!!

One of the days i 
went to the Viking cooking school

Greek Salad

Our teacher

Tequila Fruit Martini

Michelle & Me
she is so stinken cute!!!!

The Class

Green Olive sauce

Apricot couscous

Moroccan spice chicken

Greek salad

The cooking school was a blast!!!!

The next day Hubby and i did
lunch, wine tasting, 
and a wine competition!
We Won!!!

Le Clos Restaurant

Downstairs in the wine cellar

We played a game where we broke up into teams,
there were 5 stations.
We had to create our own label, our wine, and do some smelling tests.
O ya and a math problem...

Chris Crafting!

Look at all that wine!!!

My Hubby doing  our presentation!

We Won!!!
woo hoo!!!

each person on our team got a free bottle of wine!

What a fun weekend!!!

We also spent allot of time at 
Paddy's Irish Bar.

I can't even tell you how many orders of there famous wings Hubby consumed!

Hope everyone has a Fabulous week!!!!

I'm off to Dallas this week.

So excited to see 
Debby and Shea.

and this sweet treat.

My sweet roommates
Kim and Stacy!!!

and Heather will be there too!!!

Cant wait to play!!!