Tuesday, June 29, 2010

cowgirl/gypsy girl

Hey Hey Cuties!!!

Hope everyone had a Fabulous weekend.

We had my Hubby's half little brother here.
We took him and his Fiance out on the river.

So fun!

Chris & Andre 
enjoying the good life.
At the Pop-n-Docs bar
drinken "painkillers"

What a fab few days we had.

I love the junk gypsy style.
I usually only dress like this in the summer.
On the river, camping.
Just more relaxed.
Here are a few of my junk gypsy finds.
New necklace from Tia
new gypsy hat
New watch. Fossil. it even has a compass

New can holders for the boat & camper
New tee. love it
Love my new hat.Junk gypsy
it's a locket.
so cool
New trailer park tee.
so cute.

mine has pink stones.

I love all my country gypsy finds.

Well dolls, i'm off to the Market.
We are going camping all weekend for the 4th of July!

Should be a blast!!!


Thursday, June 24, 2010

Super Fab Finds!!!

Hey Dolls,

Well its been a while since I did my fav finds.
Here we go!

 laundry detergent!

smells awesome!

2. G7

I've talked about this coffee before,
i always come back to it. 
simple yummy and only 50 calories.
I LOVE it!!

it is so soft, and light in flavor.
everyone in my house is gobbling it up.

"Happy Hour"

Um Duh!!!
Do i need to say anything else???
Tons of great drinks, and apps.

Both McDonalds & Burger King have this.
I love it instead of soda pop.
light refreshing.


need i say more???

Dark Chocolate,

Chocolate Mint,

Chocolate Peanut Butter,

Chocolate Truffle. 

They are all great!!!!

Happy Camper!!!
I just wanted to share some super cute 
CAMP finds.
all on Etsy.

How cute are these retro style cards.
Lots of cute styles

eeekkk!! could you just die.
how stinken cute is this.
There are some incredible designs on her site.

almost makes ya want to have another baby?
OK I said almost!
There are so many cute styles on her site.
great prices too.

Love this retro vintage style necklace.
She has a ton of adorable designs in her shop.

eeekkk!!! How cute!
felt food.
no calories!!
woo hoo.
I adore all her creations.
check her out!

Well Love doves, thats it for this week!
Have a super fun Weekend!!!

Up next......
All my great Junk Gypsy buys!!!
Including this hat!!!


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Fathers Day Weekend!

Hey Dolls,

Hope everyone had a fabulous Fathers day weekend!

We went to Iowa.
camped, antiqued, and ate lots of great food.

This past weekend was the 1 year anniversary of my Dads death.
Taylor & Grandpa 2007

Grandpa 2008

We Miss You!!!!

Gone Camping....

A little 007, now that's camping.

Gone Fishing.....

A drive buy bait shack
and its a vending machine.

He had fun, and that's all that matters!

Gone Antiquing.....

This is what we ended up with...

It was a great weekend.
aside from some nasty weather.
We had a ball.

Have a great week!