Monday, June 30, 2008

rescue, and where are the pictures?

Hey all!!
Blogger won't let me upload any photos.
What? Why??
as soon as i can get it to work i will post about my cruise.
AND.... Our river rescue!
I swear!
Scrappy jessi
always some sort of adventure!
That's my motto and im stickin to it.
what a crazy weekend.
stranded in our boat.
were safe and warm now!!!
see ya all soon!
Thanks for all the ETSY love!!!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

New "ETSY" girl on the block

Well my sweets,
it's official!

My ETSY store is up
and open for business.

i will be adding lots of tiles and other goodies today, and tomorrow.

so keep your eyes open for ones you love.

They are almost all one of a kind.
few variations.
You can also do a CUSTOM order!


Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Im HOME!!!

Hola Amiga's!!

This girl is worn out!!
(sleep deprived!)

( No Make-up. Nice!
Ugly!! o well, have a nice tan.)

Im Home!!

The Cruise was a Blast!

The Beaches were Fantastic!

Peace out my loves!!

I have TONS of pictures to show you all.
But first im off to do another load of Laundry.
The worst park of vacation, coming back to Reality.
YUCK!!! Were's my room steward when i need him?
see ya soon.

Monday, June 23, 2008


Hey there all you cuties!!!

Im not back from Vacation yet,
just wanted to post the winner!
My son picked the number.

We have a winner!

Andrea @
Vintage paper bella


See ya all real soon!!
Lots of fun pics to share!


Thursday, June 12, 2008

GIVEAWAY! Bon Voyage!


Sign up at the end!


"Scrappy Jessi" will be on
Vacation till June 23rd!

I will take tons of pictures!
Share what im sure will be another crazy adventure.
it always is!

Look out Mexico, here i come!!!

Drinks in Hand!!!

A few things to Share!
New atc's from Cindy
"Cindy is crafty!"

How dang cute are these?

I love them!!!!!
Thanks doll!!!

Paint Mine Pink!!!!
i ordered the sweetest vintage floral tin planters.

Shannon even threw in some Aussie treats!!!

Thanks sweetie!!

SHANNON is the hostess of the

Here are some things i sent her

How cute is her son? he "stole" the scrappy jessi pin!
i will send ya another one Shannon!

ALISON GIBBS is my partner.

here are some of the things i sent her.

I hope you love everything!!!! You were so fun to create and shop for!!!

what Alison sent me!

How funny is this, these are our 3 sons!!!

My own paper doll!

Ya, there were 4, by the time i unpacked the box, there were only 3 left. YUMMY!

This was such a fun swap!!! Thanks Ladies for making it so great!!!

JAIME aka "Rockstar"

I got my bracelet and suprise earings yeah!!

They are totally fab!!!

She even gave me a vintage shoe clip!!!

You are so so fabulous!!!

I am so excited for our trip!

Our cruise departs on sunday.

Not only a trip, it's Fathers day, our 17 year Anniversary. and my neice Lily's 3rd b day

There will be lots of celebrating going on!


June 19th

1 year of blogging!!!!

I have enjoyed this world so much! I have met so many wonderful girls. You all inspire me everyday. We would do anything for each other. Most of us haven't even met in person.I have had the awesome gift of meeting lots of you in person! Never dissapointed. You all ROCK!!! I LOVE that we all "GET" each other. I hope to meet all of you!!!


Please leave a comment on "THIS POST!!!!!!"

to be entered in the giveaway. i will pick the winner on Monday June 23rd!


Coach Perfume.
this is one of my summer favs!

I wish you all luck!!!

See y'all when i get back!!!!



Monday, June 9, 2008

Dresses, Barbies, stuff, and a Sneak Peak GIVEAWAY!!!!!

Happy Monday!!!

it's been a crazy busy weekend around here. trying to get all the last minute details done before our cruise.

so many of you have asked to see my dresses etc..

well i took some shots this morning.

Dress 1

SHOES for dress 1

Jewels for dress 1

Bracelet & Earings on there way. from JAIME

can't wait!

Dress 2

Shoes dress 2

They are a little hard to see, here are the coral ones. mine are black!

Jewels for Dress 2

This necklace, not sure on the earings yet?

so there you have it!!
My 2 formal nights!
You know i will take tons of pictures!


Looky what my daughter bought me!!!

How stinkin cute is this???

It holds business cards, or credit cards. it's a replica of one of those old cigarette cases.

Love it!!!

Speaking of Barbie.

heres my new Tank i ordered. i don't think it will be here in time for vaca.


"Sea Dream Studio"

Dale is a Rockstar!!!

Here are the tickets i ordered!
upcoming project.

what this cutie made me!!!


and a TAG for my Tag gate!!!
Thanks girly girl!


"Etsy will open in a few weeks."

Working on lots of things for you girls!!

Stay Tuned!

On Wedensday i will share my

Alison Gibbs was my partner!!!

Heres a sneak peak:

This is Sam, Shannons son! He took the "scrappy jessi" button.


Girls, on June 19th marks my 1 year blog~Aversary.



See ya all Wedensday!