Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Painting Queen

Howdy all!!!

It has been a crazy couple of days around here.

we are re~doing my daughters room, and bathroom.

Lot's of work, sweat and a few curse words.
But in the end it is going to be super cute.


in about 5th or 6th grade, she wanted it to be tropical safari themed.

green walls, tan ceiling,dark and jungely!!


painted ceiling white. nice and bright.

Bathroom painted aqua.

it was yellow with fairies.

Painted room bubblegum pink

Now to re-arrage, re-do and decorate.

I'll be back with the "AFTER" pictures.

Should be pretty dang cute!


A few "Rockstar" blogger girls sent me some suprise packages. "just because."

Love that!!!

Miss Speckled egg.

How stinken cool is this?? Heather was out garage saleing, came across these, and picked them up for me. THANKS!!!! Your such a doll.

sent me a total out of the blue box.

she was destashing her office, came across a bunch of Christmas goodies for me!!!

These cuties are so awesome!!!

Thanks girls!!!


Found a new store!!!

ok to me.


so fun, she has really cute stuff.


Cheer 'em up!!

a friend of mine is doing a little somethin, somethin. One of our friends is not feeling well. so she is putting together a little 5x5 albumn,

Here is my page!

can't wait to see the finished book.

Get well my friend!!


Were in!!!


My friend Tiffany and i go to "Scrapfest" at the Mall of America every year!!

we got into 2 crop around towns.

Daisy D's & Cosmo Cricket

we also signed up for 3 classes:

1. "Christmas round album" from little yellow bicycle.

2. "Girls just wanna have fun albumn", from Me and my big ideas.

3. "Celebrate fall" by K & Co.

Plus there are tons of vendors with make and takes. so fun. a whole weekend of crafty scrappy goodness.

If you see me, make sure you stop and say hi!!!
Well dolls that is it for me today.
Been up since 6:00 ,to sign up for scrapfest.
I have to finish up Taylors room.
Run errands, drop a car full of stuff off at the good will.
You gals know, the usual.
tee hee.

Friday, July 25, 2008

CSST Christmas in July


Christmas in July!!

Ok my dolls,

it's raining Christmas

all over ETSY today.

The "Cottage Style Street Team"

is hosting a

"Christmas in July"

These will be listed in my shop.

These are so fab!

i love them.


There are 5 pink and 5 blue.

Made from Vintage table decorations, made in Denmark.

so these are probably going to be a one time only treat. as i can not find these vintage cuties anywhere.

Let's go shopping!!!



Thursday, July 24, 2008

Bag Tag Books!

Hey Dolls!!!
Just letting you know ,i just updated my Etsy shop.
i will be adding a few more books, and my "Christmas In July" stuff later today!!
Have a super fab day!!
THE "Pink" things i was working on ,will be up tomorrow!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

"Jessi Doll" & Lots of bags!

Happy Hump Day!!!

The week is half way over.
where does the time go?


i'm still learning my new computer.
Yikes. It has windows vista on it.
i feel like i have gone from a pc to a mac.

o well, ill get the hang of it.

Onward and upward!!!

Miss Andrea and i did a little one on one swap.

we decieded to do 2 paper dresses, and a bunch of trims to decorate them with.

Here's what she sent me.


How stinken cute is this little
"Jessi Barbie" ? Love her!! Thanks doll.

ANDREA is hosting a swap.

Head on over and find out all the details.

This should be a sweet one.


all of these and more will be listed this week on my ETSY!

come on bye and say hi!


Friday is "Christmas in JULY!"

This is going to be so much fun!!!

Get your holiday shopping done early this year!

I know i will be shoppin up a storm!!

Tee Hee!

Well my loves im off to start housework.

i'd much rather be crafting.

see ya all soon.



Monday, July 21, 2008

Bag Lady!

Happy Monday all!!

What a busy weekend.
crafting, cleaning, boating.

Lot's of Fun!!
My Necklace and vintage papers came from

They are amazing!
Thanks doll!!

Been busy working on stuff for the ETSY shop.

I have been making tons of paper bag books!

a little of everything.

all of these, and many more things will be listed this week.

I took part in an ATC jam.
i was the 3rd and last one.
Heres the before....

Angie Miller did the base card.

Lori Karla did the little girls.

then i added....

the crowns w/ birds on them, and the wands.
added lots of MS glitter. also smugged the flowers with walnut inks.

They are really cute in person.


I'm hosting 2 swaps when i got to LA in October.

A "Cigar box swap."

and a "House garland swap."

Heres a sneak peak at the BACK of my houses.

I can't show the fronts yet.

we all read each otheres blogs. tee hee.

don't want to ruin it.

They are going to be so sweet when they are done.

There are 4 groups of 5 & 6. The houses are to be done in "French Country" style!!

So charming!!

well my loves im off to create some more stuff.

Stop by my ETSY this week!

Also Remember on Friday July 25th.

Christmas in July starts.

You don't want to miss out on this!

Tons of girls are taking part in this.

Have a fabulous week!



Friday, July 18, 2008

M.I.A Tons to share!

Happy Friday Dolls!!!

Boy do i miss my sweet puter!!!
basically we are doing a full overhaul on it. im buying a new hard drive today. Geez, what i thought was a little ol' problem, has spireled out of control!

Typical Jessi!
candid camera im tellin ya!!

anywho, lots to share today.
via my hubby's computer.
he loaded up some photos for me.

SWAP Allert.
this is the best one , i just love the idea!!

This is Miss Artsy Mama herself.

go and check out all the details of this super fun swap.

I love Halloween!


Next up!!!

My gorgeous, more stunning in person pin came from http://simplymeart.blogspot.com/ what can i say she is a ROCKSTAR!!!

she does the most amazing work, i own several pieces now.

love ya!



my charms came from the charm swap.

yeah, you all are so very talented!!

This one is from Julie Baxely.

This beauty is from Doojies.

this is so me, i love it!!!

This one is from Jenny from Fated Follies.

(sorry about the crooked pic , this is hubby's puter, and i have tried 10 times to rotate. not working.)

Darling!! thanks doll.

This one is from Jessica! so so cute!

This is from Heidi!


(again, sorry about the photo. i do not like this box, said sam i am)

sorry bout the pics


This one is from DALE!!!

Love it. You are so fabulous.


this was a fabulous swap!





Is such a doll!!

she wanted a bag book in greens and pinks.

Bunnies and Roses.

and an "Audrey Fabulous High Maintance Tag!!! "

Well Doll, ask and you shall receive!!!

I used lots of vintage pieces. old playing cards, cupcake picks,

buttons, flowers,seam binding and images.

I Hope you like it!

Audrey Tag!

So Fabulous!! Love it!!

hope you do too!


well my loves here are a few sneak peaks to the "Christmas in July" event happening on July 25th.

This is just a little "glimpse" of what i will have in my shop.

if you see an item you want, email me and i will put it on "Reserve" for you. first come basis.

Thanks gals.

Have a Fantabulous weekend!!!

Stay out a trouble!!