Friday, November 30, 2007

Tonight's purchase!


Jenny is having a sale!

10% off her ebay site!

go check it out!

She rocks!

Hey Don't forget
December 4th
cookie swap!
(scroll down for deatils)
Have a great weekend!

Early bird special! REMINDERS

Shop talk first:
Please Join my blog giveaway!
I will choose a name
tomorrow at 8 pm
Scroll down for details,
and leave a comment on that post
Also remember:
"The cookie swap"
~December 4th~
all day!
so come back and leave
a comment that day,
and i will link you up!!!
How fun!!

You have to wake up pretty

darn early, to catch any of these worms!

But i was up and adam.

I swooped in and purchased

2 lovely "worms" haha

super cute cake box!

Michelle Witchell

Love it, perfect for my

red & white room.

how Adorable are these???

Pretty darn cute!

as you all know

im somewhat addicted

to glittery houses!

These cuties are from

Connie Senyitko!

(does'nt have a blog)

Now thats what i call

a great shopping day!

Only if it's 7:30 am.

O 'well the day is young!

Off i go!


Thursday, November 29, 2007

Busy Girl! Finished projects!!! My new Designer tree!

Jessi's been a busy girl!
(remember to scroll down
and join the giveaway!
as well as the cookie swap
December 4th)

working on my Holiday cards!

Finishing up some of my
silver bella projects!

This was a Caroline Peeler class!

supe cute!

This was a class from

Jenny & Aaron!
i did not get in.

so i bought the class kit!
Finally finished!
i love it!

This was in my mail today!

Yummy pink glass ornies!

bought at

Pretty petals boutique!

Adore them!

I had these leftover

ballerina dolls.

we all have them. right?

well about a week ago i

had a dream that

they stared in

"The Nutcracker"

My version!


We all know that

i love miss Kris Hurst!

well, my new recipie book!
Is going to be my

Cookie swap book!

Im going to put all your

recipies from the

December 4th

cookie swap inside it!

Hope you can join us!

Heres what i made with

all my tags, stockings

and goodies!

Look at my "kris Hurst " tree!
(She gets her own tree)

I love it!

I even had a black feather

tree just waiting for

some decorations!


That's all for today!


Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Looky Lou's & Sneak Peaks Holiday Home 2007

Been a little
crazy around here!

Don't forget to scroll
down and enter my 100th
blog giveaway!

The mailman has been
very good this year!

looky what i got today!

Sweet box w/ notepad
from Wendy!


I ordered tons of

stuff from the ever so
Kris Hurst!

So sweet! this is my new cookie
~recipie book~!

Check these out!

12 inches long!

Love them!

Large tags!

How cute is this?

Super cute!
an ornament made from

giant wahsers
so clever!
Thanks so much
i adore it!

This was my extra

goody stash from
Miss Kris!

You rock!

Marvel in this for a moment!

The ever so adorable

"Prom Queen"

Jennifer Hayslip

sent me this cutie!!!

I made this cone for

a ornament swap

im hosting.

December 9th 2007

cookie/ornament swap!

ok so im not really

a canvas artist kind of girl!
I started this last year, kept
putting it away, and pulling it back out.
Finally finished!

My Birthday is in December!
Why not?

Allrighty girls!

Heres a sneak peak!

Holiday Home 2007
Karla is hosting

a holiday home party

on December 12th

Bye Now!

come back mid

December to see it all!


Sunday, November 25, 2007

100th Post GIVEAWAY!!!!!!

100th post

I can't believe how

time flies, when were having so

much fun blogging!

In Honor of my 100th

post! I have a giveaway!

2 vintage style

metal signs!

about 5x7 in size.

In comments:

What's the worst gift

you ever got for

the Holidays???

(I myself have never received a bad gift, even if it's something i have'nt wanted, i turn it into something i do!)

I will pick a winner

December 1st

Thanks to all who

come and visit me!

Remember im hosting

a cookie swap!

December 4th

(scroll down for details)


Friday, November 23, 2007

Cookie Exchange!

Cookie Exchange!
December 4th

All day long I will post

links to your blogs!

Just leave me a comment that day!

Post your favorite

Holiday Cookie



Thursday, November 22, 2007

Deck the halls Swap!

Deck the Halls

My "swap buddy" was
Monica herself!!!

Yeah me!

Heres what i got her!

Here's What I made her!

That's all folks!

Hope you liked everytning!

You were really fun to buy

and make things for!

Happy Holidays!