Friday, July 31, 2009

The HEADBANDS are listed!

are up and ready to go!!

These last 2 pics are hair Barrettes.
PLease Click on the word
while in my shop.
there are over 20 in the boutique!
The Beautiful Model is my Darling daughter Taylor!!

New Jessi Stuff is coming!!


Hey Campers.

Thank God it's Friday!!!

Looking forward to the weekend.

Hope y'all have fab plans as well!

Headbands are coming soon!

(my supermodel is Maija Lepore)

"Rosary Prayer Bottles"

I have 4 almost ready to photograph.

1 more in the making.

All Of the items will be up soon.

Keep checking.

Please remember all of my items are One of a kind. Made from vintage bits and bobbles. Fabulous old seam binding and millnery flowers.

and all are made with LOVE!!!

Have a FANTASTIC day Girls!!!



Wednesday, July 29, 2009

New Treats!!!

Happy Hump Day Ladies!!

I have to share with you some of my new finds, and my new Marie Necklace.

Paris Rags

It is so yummy and delish in person.

I LOVE it!!!

love the neutral colors.

Ok could you just die?

I love everything i found.

There all listed in my shop!

I'm keeping these treats.

I have already made 2 headbands from these hats.

The bottles are going to be turned into

"Rosary Bottles"

so keep your eys peeled fo the next post.

Headbands Galore.

i've been a busy little bee.




Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Last day in LA

Hey Dolls!!!

Hope everyone is having a Fabulous week!!!

So.... The last day in LA I went downtown to the "Garment District"


So many awesome stores full of vintage trims, beads, seam binding, and Millinery!

I went crazy!!!

Kim and I met up with Christine and Holly!

We went to "Bohemian Bead"

Ummm Hello!!!! Look at all the gorgeous beads and crystals etc...I even got swaraski crystals by the foot!


I bought a ton of stuff to make some altered rosary bottles. Like the one i made for Jenny in our swap.

So keep your eyes open they will be appearing in my shop soon!!!

Next stop was a Vintage Millinery Shop!

Again I went bonkers!

I bought a ton of GORGEOUS millinery flowers and several yummy colors of seam binding!

Girls "NEW" Headbands are being made as we speak.

EEEKKK!!! i want to keep all of them!

Then i saw my future right before my eyes.

tee hee

Just Imagine... This could be MY warehouse stocked full of vintage treats and treasures!!!

OK it's just a thought?

Next we went to lunch at this darling restaurant

"Tiara Cafe"

Again, Hello? could we have picked a more perfect place to have lunch? i think not. It was delish!

Then the day had to come to an end, off to the airport i must go!

But... I will be back in September!

Can't wait to play again!

See Y'all real soon!



Saturday, July 25, 2009


Hey Hey girly girls!!!

Now most of you know I can't sit still for more than a day!!!
tee hee.

The ADVENTURES of Scrappy Jessi Continue!!!!

Up next in AUGUST, Hubbs an I are going on a Western Caribbean Cruise! WOO HOO.

This should be a ball!!!

In SEPTEMBER I'm going to my friend

These events are simply over the top AMAZING!!!

I always feel like a spoiled princess!

This one will have a vendor night, a FULL day of classes with 3 incredible teachers.

Lisa Kettell

Julie Haymaker

Ruth Rae

These woman are so talented.

All the food and treats and beverages you desire!

On Sunday, a day at the Flea market and a special reception at one of the local antique stores!!!

Can it get any better??

I think not!!!

You have to go and check out all the festivities!!!There are still a few openings for the event.

I would LOVE to see and meet some of you there.You will not be disappointed!!!!

Let me know if you have any questions!!!

Have a fabulous weekend.



Friday, July 24, 2009

Big Bear Cont....

On with the show...

Kim's Gifts

Loads of gifts

Sweet apron Jamie had Holly make.

These 2 are from me!

Bag from Gina

Shadowbox from Christine.

Tons of sweet treats!!!


The classes & teachers

Holly's Class

A sweet Banner

EEEKKKK these are name tags!!!


My banner not yet completed

These are 2 of Hollys banners.

Christine's Class
"Woodland fairy hideaway"

Holly & Christine


Kim's Class

a gorgeous wall hanging

Mine is a work in progress.

i will post it when im done. it's in the mail coming home to me.

These were really fun, everyones turned out Gorgeous

~The food~

we all paired up in 2's and we each made one meal over the weekend.

My partner was Jenny.

We did lunch on Saturday.

2 salads, some crusty bread, and chocolate chip cookies!

Later that night, after our Pizza Party at the scrapbook store, we came home to a

Ice Cream Sundae Bar!


Thanks Girls for making my weekend magical!

I MISS all of you allready!

Thanks Kim for the incredible weekend!!

Your the Best!