Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Years!!!!

Just wanted to take
a minute and wish
each and everyone
of you a very

Happy New Years!!!

Here's our night as planned.


2. Party at the neighbors house!

3. Champange and dessert

in bed!

Happy 2008!


Sunday, December 30, 2007

Up and Down!

Ok here's my week in
a nutshell!

One word!
Ya, i've never done one
of these before.

Not fun!

But it shows everything
you ever needed to see!
Im Anemic, and have Iron infusions.


Lately ive been really tired,
and run down.
My body's been really sore.

constant lower back and

abdominal pain!

So my Doc suggested a
cat scan!
we have some answers,
i have a septated uterous!


sooner than later!


so off i go to the

End of January, if not sooner.

I have some Christmas gifts to redeam!


On top of everything else

i have a sinus infection!!!

(geez! what a way to end 2007!)


Ok enough gripping!

We had a date night last night!

Dinner at Mimi's Cafe'

Yummy, comfort food!

Then we went to the movies!

This was really good!

Dark , twisted and Bloody!

But really good!

Johnny can sing! what a cutie!

even "Borat" Sacha Baron Cowan.

was in the movie.

Everyone did a excellant job!

Well my friends

it's off to take down

more Christmas decorations!

( i hate cleaning!)

Have a super sparkly week!

Happy New Years!!!!!

Scrappy Jessi!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007


My Husband gave
me the best gift ever!!!
flight to Chicago
lunch at a Romantic Italian
restraunt! Yummy!
2nd row center
tickets to

I have been wanting to see

this for years.

we were never able to

catch it in New York.

Now i am so excited to

go to Chicago, spend a

lovely day with my hubby!

The wizard of OZ

is my all time favorite movie

i know it word for word!

seen it 100's of times.

So this is the cherry

on my cupcake!


I LOVE you hubby!

I love all my other gifts too!

he did really good
this year!

My kids even told him so!

2 new juicy charms!
boxed set entire series of
Bath and body works
cozy stuff!
2 new movies in my stocking!

new adobe program

new sherpa boots!

What a great



My hubby made that

poster for me!

he even glittered it!!

Yeah i said glitter!

He was all proud of himself.

Power point, to c-thru

stickers, to spray adhesive!

(i think im rubbing

off on him)

He's a keeper!

Hope everyone had a

awesome holiday!


Sunday, December 23, 2007


A girl has to have her
priorities straight, right?

This is Sweet Skylar

our little beagle. She just

LOVES her Country Living!

And you better beleive

she protects it with

her life.

This girl knows

whats good!


Saturday, December 22, 2007

Gettin Loopy!

AAH, I love Christmas!
Won't he be suprized!
Locked and Loaded!

AAhh yes, the "Christmas day nap!"

Were off to get merry!
Have a great weekend


Friday, December 21, 2007

Happy Holidays To All

To all my blogging friends!

I just wanted to take a day
and say Merry Christmas,
and Happy Holidays to all!

You are all such an
important part of my
daily life!

Have a great
Holiday Season!!!

Im off to enjoy a long

Christmas week!


Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

I love the mailman

Gosh i was'nt going to post
till thursday or friday!
but, i can't wait!
My mailman has been very busy!
The mosaic cottage!
Michelle Legler ROCKS!

Take a look at this
custom cupcake just
for me!

i am so in love with it!
Thanks Michelle!

A few weeks ago i ordered

some things from Jenny & Aaron

There Here!

I adore BOTH of these!

Next Miss Tamy Mein
sent me the sweetest ornament
for hosting the cookie swap!
what a doll!

Thank you so much!

it is adorable!

I have been looking for

these for a while!
found at Bayberry cove!

i picked up a few extras

This is what it looks like

all finished!

Ok , i know it's not even Christmas yet

but, i had to get these Easter goodies

from bayberry cove too!

Im crazy about these houses

and the sparkley eggss!

to cute!

Last but not least

i made this little door

hanger for my hubby's office

Have you been

Naughty or Nice?I'll never tell!

Have a great week!