Sunday, August 31, 2008

Feel the BARBIE love

Hey all you cuties!

It has been a crazy week.
Family in town.

We have a big ol' family reunion on Sunday in Ames Iowa.

There will be at least 100 folks there.
People i haven't seen in years.

long drive, but so worth it!



ok i just have to say how much i LOVE our blogging world.

These 2 cuties saw Barbie stuff at yard sales.

They thought "Scrappy Jessi" would love this!!!
so sweet, they sent me the cutest stuff.

(love you!!!)

How Awesome are these dolls.
Love them

They deserved there own "GATE"

I finally get to meet Miss JAMIE in person in October. Im going to Cali for the weekend.

i can't wait, i feel like we are allready the best of friends. it will be so nice to give her a big ol squeeze!

(adore you)

Sweet Tina sent me these Barbie playing cards.Rockstar!!! i love them. I think i will make some tags with them????

Again i haven't met TINA in person, but i feel as thought we are the best of friends!



Have a Super Fantastic Holiday weekend!!!
see ya soon.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

French Love


it's the middle of the week!

Ok i have Mendy's tile all done.


she wanted a vintagy style
school tile for her desk.

I think it turned out pretty cute.

Dick and Jane.

Plus Mendy wanted butterfly's, ladybug's and birds.

Hope you like it .


I am so excited for this event!

Can't wait to see all my friends, and make new ones.

KIM, the Queen of intimate events!

Has a special treat for us.

we have a PRIVATE EVENT Friday night at "FRENCH GENERAL"


how freakin excited are all of us!!it is so hard to get into this place.

We are even having Kaari Meng
teach us a bracelet class.

She is going to sign copies of her new book for us too.


i can't wait.

i promise i will take tons of photos!!!

Here are a few shots from
(all photos from FG website)

This is going to be an ADVENTURE i will ner forget.

See ya'all real soon!!!



Monday, August 25, 2008

Fav Things!


it's been a fun crazy weekend.
worked on a few new

all custom orders

"Queen Bee"

How cute is this one? i love it!!


Sarah gave me a long list of all her fav things.

i added everything but the kitchen sink tee hee.


All of these custom orders have been so fun.

My next one is for Mendy.

for her classroom




1. G7 Coffee 3 in 1


The yumiest place on the planet.

so fresh, healthy and yummy

PLUS free ice milk cones.

3. Louis Vuitton

New Fall Bags!


See ya'all Wednsday!

Tell ya all about French General

and i should have Mendy's tile all done.



Friday, August 22, 2008

Tons of eye candy!!!

Yippie it's Friday!!

I'm so glad the weekend is here.

my kiddos need to sleep in. this first week of getting up and out the door was ruff.
they're tired!


Here are 2 of the custom orders that i just finished.

1. Sarah wanted a "Halloween" tile.
we came up with "wicked"
(my fav musical)

2."Lisamarie" she wanted one or her desk

she gave me a long list of all her favorite things.i think i added just about everything on her list.She loves it!!

That is the best feeling to me.

If you want your own tile come on over to my ETSY and just email me with what you want. we will figure out something great.


Ok now something super cool

I found Shonna on ETSY a week or so ago. I asked her to make me a "custom canvas." Turns out I was her First.

So cool


ok how flippin cute is this?

I LOVE it. she nailed it. Shonna put my dog Skylar in the picture with me, She added my new chandilier. Green eyes. and lots of sparkle.

Thanks so much Shonna.

Im glad i was your first custom order!

Shonna also sent me a little thank you treat.

Love love love it!


ATC swap with MENDY!

we did a little one on one swaparoo!


Suprize from MAIJA

Aaah my sweet friend Maija sent Taylor and i a little gift. Just because. Those are the best.

Thanks Girl!



These are the cutest stamps.

You have to check out there site.


Super fast delivery!


Itty bitty PROM book swap

How Cool

Im the first page.


it is adorable. thanks to all who added to this beautiful book.


allrighty then, see ya 'all Monday!!

have a fantabulous weekend!!!



Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Custom Orders & Awards!

Yahoo it's Wednesday!!!

It has been a busy week.

i finished another one.
so cute. Pink!

This is for my Pal Grace.

she wanted the word "Pink" with lots of girly girl bling.She gave me a list of things that she liked. I think i got every single one on here.

She's really excited.
To me that's the best part.

I have 2 more that im working on this week.

1. "Lisamarie" hers will be black, pink, girly with football, cowgirl, and purses and shoes. it's all over the board. I LOVE it.

2. "Wicked" this is for Sarah and it will be Halloween themed.
so fun!

If you want to order your own "custom tile", just email me and we will come up with something fabulous!!!



Blog Award!

This is the cutest award!

Thanks Shonna.

I am having her paint me a "custom" canvas. should be here any day!!!

so flippin excited!!! it's gonna be cute.
go check her out. she does darling work.

ok so i need to pass this on.
i need to pick 7 gals,
this is always so stinken hard.
you all deserve this!!!!
anywho here goes.

so there ya go gals!
i love all your blogs.



21 days and counting!!

Yeah!! this is going to be so fun!

Can't wait to see my friend Tiffany!

we always have so much fun, and cause all sorts of trouble!!

tee hee.




i can't show you everything yet.

i will as soon as Lexi my partner gets all her goodies!


My new Fav read!

Lisa Kettell

is a Rockstar!

Go and check her out.

i love all her creations!!

such a talent!!

This is a darling zine!


Well my dolls,

im out of here.

I have a TON to share with you on Friday!!!

1.My "Painting"came today!!

she threw in a little treat too!

So stinken cute!!

i love it!!!

2. Prom Book.

my itty bitty prom dress book came today!

3. New "Pink Persimmon" stamps!!!


Have a fab week.



Monday, August 18, 2008

So many things to share!!!

Happy Monday!!!

We had a fun filled weekend.
Saturday we went out on our boat.

There was an Air Show going on.
Stratigic Air Comand base is right by the river.

So cool. We were so close, and they were so LOUD!!

Pretty cool.


This weekend was my friend Joy's Birthday.

A bunch of girls took her out after the Blog~ Her party. I wasn't able to be in California. Bummer. Everyone made her Bday tags.

Here's Mine.

Joy is a Hot Harley riding mama!!

Happy Birthday!!!


One of my bestest blogger buddies is Jenn Hayslip.

she is my little sissy.

She is so amazing. i love all her sweet eye candy creations.

Look at this super cute one of a kind. "So Jessi"
Barbie pin she made me.

OK, How freakin cute is this?

Jenn is such a doll. Love ya!


In October im going to LA to my friend Kims

for Artistic Affaire 2.


anywho im hosting 2 swaps.
one of them is called

"Petite Maisons Garland"

i have broken everyone into groups of 5's and 6's.

I gave everyone a house template.

we are to make 5 or 6 houses,

"French Country" Inspired
Here are mine.

I can't wait to see everyones creations!

i will share more of this swap and the "inspiration" behind it. Think "French General!"


I am taking more Custom orders on my "Tile Creations."

If you can dream it i can make it!!

Here are just a few i have finished and shipped.

So if you want to place a "Custom Order" just visit my Etsy and drop me a note. We can come up with something great!


Jessi's 3 Favorite things this week!

1. New Quaker High Fiber oatmeal yummy!!!

2. My New Speedo "Vanquisher" goggles

Totally rock! DUH! There PINK!

3. OPI Nail Envy


Well girly girls im off to get dinner started.

Hope everyone has a fabulous week!