Thursday, April 29, 2010

Room Re-Do!!

Hey Guys!!

Drum roll please...
The Big reveal!

Welcome, come on in!

Shot from the door

Shot from my desk

another shot from the desk

My pc area
fabric storage

Paper storage

Bits and Baubles storage

My old desk,
now filled to the brim with goodies

inks, photos, rubber stamps

corner of my computer area. 
lots of sweet treats

My Pam Garrison banner from silver bella 3 years ago.
 love it

Back of the door.
I use a clear shoe holder for my wooden stamps.
there all divided by themes

Behind the door, more storage, more Barbie stuff. Tool storage too.

eeekkk My new farmhouse table.
love it!
Check out the awesome cutting mat.
Uumm hello
2 x 3 feet ,
double sided, 
one side green the other pale yellow.
by Fisckars.
Cha Ching  
27 bucks!!!

Glitters, glass glitters, ribbons, and my lolli dolls!
Love them! Little collections of buttons, and cameos etc...

Corner closet.
apron collection.
 Lots of art from my friends.
Lots of eye candy

Right next to my keyboard.
 my crown pins.
My Carol Wingert book  that i made on one of my many trips to LA.
Made it at one of Kim Caldwell's awesome over the top events!

Lots of storage!

My vintage wicker shelf.
 I lined it with pretty papers.
Pure fun, eye candy!

Top shelf to my bakers rack.
Full of Jane Austen Lovelies!

Second shelf
Jewelry supplies and embroidery stuff.

another shelf full of posies and vintage trims

My new Journal i just made.

Vintage metal shelf.
Full of yumminess!

Top shelf, full of jar of trims, and trinkets.
and antiques, and gifts from friends.

I love my little work area!

 cabinet i found a couple of weeks ago.
I Painted it ,and lined it with pretty papers.

Some of my fav pins!

Vintage corner shelf.
 with a few of my tea cups.

Another vintage metal shelf.
 It was black and cob webby!
10 bucks at the Long Beach flea!
I carried this puppy home on the plane with me.
tee hee.
So worth it!

another fab find.
vintage vanity stool.
15 bucks at a local store!
it's hard to see but its the prettiest pink with gold flecks all over.

Hey That's me!!!

these are plate holders, i painted them cream.
i can switch out the magazines anytime i want.
I thought it was pretty clever!

New vintage planters rack.
I got this last weekend while i was in LA 
at Vintage Emporium.

But how was i going to get it home????
Girls never fear when Jessi's here...

I had the handy man at the hotel come help me take it apart with his tools.
woo hoo!!!
I carried this home on the plane too!!
Again totally worth it!!!

I filled it with glass jars full of more vintage bits and baubles.
Love it!
Thanks Annette wink wink!

Ta Da!!!

That's it girls!
How cute is my screen saver. 
tee hee

It took me 10 days to do this room.
aaahhh finally done.

See ya all soon!


Monday, April 26, 2010

more custom goodies!!!

Happy Monday Guys!!!

I'm so glad that the week has begun!
Spring fever is in the air!
 Birds chirping, flowers blooming!!!
aaahhh Love this time of year!
A custom tile for miss Emily.
she is graduating in a couple of weeks.
her mom ordered this tile with all of Emily's fav things.
so adorable!
every piece has a meaning.
She loves it!!!
Thanks girls!

I also did a 2nd custom strawberry shortcake album.
This time it was for a collector.
she has a room full of strawberry shortcake trinkets.

Pretty darn cute!!
Hope you love it Erin!!!
i also wanted to share these shots of miss Chloe with her Birthday album. 
ok could she be any cuter?
Love you Chloe!!!

One more thing to share.
I made these "Jane" Albums for all the girls at my table, and the swap hostess.
Just a little Humor.
tee hee.
everyone loved them.
a little sneak peek of a summer project swap i'm working on.
I'm not done yet.
they need a little glitter.
i have to make 12 of these.
i have super cute packaging for them too.
I will post all about this swap as soon as it goes live.

Hope everyone has a fabulous week.

Love you dolls!