Thursday, June 28, 2007

Scrappy Jessi's "GIVEAWAY!"

Paper Bella "GIVEAWAY!"

I Loved this kit! It's from Miss
Foof's Paper Bella site. Fab if
you have'nt been there. This
giveaway is to kick start my blog!
All you lovely ladies have to do
is leave a comment in the comment box! What inspires you?
I will draw a name Sunday night. The winner will be posted
Monday! Good Luck!
Thanks for stopping by.
Jessi Nagy aka (scrappyjessi)

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Self portrait Wedensday!

Did Someone Say New Scanner?
FINALLY! some scrappin time! Yeah for me!
Elsie's new line from KI memories.
I love it!
So funky!
I will post the"BELLA" giveaway!
Good Luck!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

A BELLA giveaway! It's very foofy!

Stay tuned my pretty bellas, and bloggers. There will be a special giveaway posted later this week. Yeah! Details will follow.
Scrappy Jessi

Monday, June 25, 2007

Did someone say "candid camera?"

AAHH Summer! Love it! We had a beautiful Sunday on the river. Hot, and sunny.Subway, tunes and teenagers. Who could ask for anything else? Did I just say that out load???

Did someone say "candid camera" or punked?

We came home to a cracked water heater! Soaked workshop, and guest room. BUMMER! So im up and adam this morning, and off to Lowes. Hi i need 2 waterheaters, and can they be installed today?! Yeah there on there way! Problem fixed. (knock on wood).

I swear we have a running joke around here. I think im always on candid camera or punked. Im just waiting for someone to hop out and yell suprise! O'well keeps life exciting.

tada! heres my finished swap project! The amazing Jenny Heid Hosted the" bits and pieces" swap. What fun! My swap partner is Sue Bollonger, from Lockport, LA. Hope you like it! Went priority mail on Friday. Thanks Jenny, what a great swap idea. Had a blast!

New Finds:

OMG! You have to hit you local Michaels store. The new Martha line is pretty fab. My favorite thing is the "GLITTER" ultra fine, smoothe, great coverage. great price. Like $5.00 a bottle.I also boughtsome of her gkitter glue, nice. It has a really fine tip! Loving it.


YUMMY! My new purchaces from the wonderful Tammy Gilley. You have to check out her etsy shop. I love everything i got. Vintage wallpapers, tickets, and gorgeous handmade tags!Gorgeous! So very talented! SHOUT OUT!!!!


SSHH!!! This is a little somethin, somethin iv'e been working on for "silver bella" Hope "they" like them. More to come.

"CROWN" For a week!
Drumroll pleas! This weeks "crown" goes to my beautiful daughter TAYLOR. She helped my set up this site. Im getting much better, hardly have to ask for any help. Yeah!

She's a doll.And she definatally wears the crown well!

"QUOTE of the week!"

All in all it's been a great weekend!Todays is Monday! New start, right? Im sure there will be more drama to follow!


I will be posting a awesome give away later in the week, one of Miss Foof's PaperBella projects. details will follow! Keep checking in!


Friday, June 22, 2007


AAHH! The weekend! relaxing, I hope! Have a few projects I need to finish. Want to squeeze in some scrap time. Go out on the boat with my hubby! Now that's relaxing!

Everyone have a fab weekend!

Monday, will share swap photo, and other sneak peaks ive been doing. Also, my daughter Taylor will be wearing the "crown" this week. quote of the week. Also Hot new finds.

stay tuned!

Have a good one! see ya all on Monday!
oxoxox scrappy jessi

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

day 2, in the wonderful world of blogging!

O.k could i be more excited about "Silver Bella ??"
GEEZ. We have so many awesome trips & adventures coming up. Disneyworld, Carribean cruise,weekend getaways with friends. ScrapFest 2007. In laws, family BBQ's. baseball games.

And yet all i can think about is "Silver Bella". How much fun were all going to have. O'well a girls got to get her priorities straight, right. ??!!!. tee hee.

My recent treasures i found on my adventure downtoen to the old market. Went to "second chance antiques" AKA a junkers heaven.

P.S. This is the store we are having the pre -Bella Bash at. So cool. You are bound to find something!

"Quote of the week"

Stay tuned, i'll be back with a few sneak peaks. Ive been working on some stuff for silver bella. SHH!!!!


Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The Adventures of Scrappy Jessi

This is the first day of my blog! Wish me luck in the setup!! This blog will contain the adventures of my crazy life. In the future you'll see my current projects, events im attending, swaps im involved in & the day to day craziness of my life!

Stay tuned for more adventures!!

Here's a sneak peak of my bits & pieces project hosted by the adorible Jenny !