Saturday, November 29, 2008

cookie time

Hey guys,

Theres still time to sign up for the
"Cookie Swap."

All you have to do is Email me at with your name and blog addy, and i will sign you up.

On Dec 5th just post on your own blog your favorite cookie/holiday treat.

I will have links to all who are playing on my blog that day.

Have fun!!



Friday, November 28, 2008



Im still figureing out all the steps, but my shop is up and running!
Have Fun!!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Turkey Day!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Gobble Gobble!!



Monday, November 24, 2008

Cookies & Sweet Friendship Gifts.

Hip Hip Hooray it's Monday!!
Just kidding!

I will be having my 2nd annual Cookie exchange.

On Dec 5th. Just do a post with your favorite cookie/treat recipies

***Please EMAIL me at

Please leave your name and blog addy if you want to play.

I will have a link to all the players that day on my blog.

Please use this button on your blogs.
Please spread the word,
and come Hungry!
I just wanted to post a few gifts I have recieved over the last week or so.

Thank you girls!!!

Angelina's cards

How flippin cute is all of this!!

I LOVE my new Barbie Holiday Cards.

Thanks doll!

Kim Caldwell

Gorgeous Crown bling ring.

bought at the Parision soiree.

Thanks sista!!!

Barb Burkard

Off the hook Barbie Bracelet!!
so so so cute.
Thanks sweetie

Natasha Burns
My own little "Jessi" vw bus!!

Yippy skippy!! I adore it so much!!!

Thanks so much my little Aussie friend.

or should i say?
ya,ya, ya,ya.ya!!!
(tee hee)

My "juicy" Little sister
Jenn Hayslip
(trucker mouth)
gave me the sweetest cupcake necklace.
I LOVE it.
Thanks sissy!!

I am going to make a "Silver Bella" slide show of all the shopping and gifting from my roomies etc...

There are way to many pics to upload!!
Thanks everyone for all your sweet comments and emails.
I appreciate every single one!
See y'all soon

Friday, November 21, 2008

Cookies.....Silver bella Part 2

Hey Dolls!!

It's that time of year again...

I will be having my second annual cookie exchange.

On December 5th just post your fav holiday cookie recipies.
Please EMAIL me at
Leave your name and BLOG addy!
if you want to play.

Please use this button on your blogs.( Yes that is me,about 4. so proud of my new kitchen!)

I will Link everyone that day!!

Have fun!!!


Silver Bella
Part 2

Kick off night, and class.

let's get this party started!

Kim, Suzanne and me

Lisa, Kim and Me

Tiffany, Stacey, and Cheryl

The Dallas Bella's

Valita, Jana,Heather,Alisa,Joanna, and Shannon

Lisa and Heidi

Cheryl and Stacey

Kim, Suzanne and Me

Teresa and Me

Jenn,Michelle,Sandy and Natalea

Maija and Julie

Jana and Valita

Suzanne and Debby



Next up Swaps & Shopping!!

see ya 'all soon!!



Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Silver Bella part 1

Smelling salts?

ok dolls....

Silver bella part 1

Wed afternoon & Thursday's Glitter Lounge!

Me & Joanna

Me & Kim


Lunch at "The Upstream" Thursday afternoon

Cheryl, Maija, Suzanne & Heidi
Joy, Kim and Me

Joy, Kim & Me

me with "My Clipboard"

Me & Jenn ( my little sister)

Karla & Carol's

"Glitter lounge"

Champange, Edible glitter & Chocolates!

Carol & Karla

Heidi, Karla & Me

Me & Jenn

Natasha & Me

Tiffany, Karla, Jenn & Debby

Me & Rosanna ( From Italy)

Heidi & Me

Natasha, Jenn & Me

Debby & Stacey

Alisa, Joanna & Heidi

Natalea & Heidi

What a fabulous kick off party!!

stay tuned....

Part 2

Kick off class & swaps!