Sunday, January 31, 2010

I see Coral in my future

Hey Hey Cuties!

Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend.

We are going to Florida this week. 

I can't wait to warm up and chill out all at the same time.
I can't tell you how ready i am for Spring!!

I bought a few new 
pieces for our trip.
love J Crew.
This is my Favorite color for Spring and Summer.
Im so white right now. 
I will have to use a little self tanner! 

I have a salt glow and spray tan booked for Saturday morning.
That should do the trick!

Hubby's going to be in lots of meetings, and out golfing with other attendees.
I have located the closest 
Whole Foods.
1.4 miles away.
I'm going to walk there every morning for breakfast, and maybe back for lunch. Who knows.

Any who hope everyone has a wonderful week.


Friday, January 29, 2010

Yeah it's Friday!

Hey Dolls,

Happy Friday!!!

I'm so excited it's the weekend.

I want to try a bunch of recipes from my new cook books.

So lets get started.

***Recipe of the week***


Uuummm DUH!!!
ok i love Reeces peanut butter cups.
BUT..... they are not good for you.
I will always find a way to get dessert and treats in.
This is what you need:
1/2 cup earth balance butter
3/4 natural crunchy peanut butter
3/4 graham cracker crumbs
1/4 cup maple sugar
1 cup carob chips
1/4 cup soy,rice, or nut milk
1/4 cup chopped peanuts.

1. line a regular cupcake pan with liners.

2. melt butter in a small pan over medium heat

3. stir in the peanut butter, graham crumbs,and the maple sugar. Mix well.

4. remove  from heat. divide evenly, about 2 tablespoons in each cupcake liner.
set aside

5. in a small pan combine the milk, and carob. stir over medium heat till chocolate is melted.

6. Spoon the chocolate over the tops of the peanut butter mixture.

7. top with chopped nuts

8. refridgerate  for at least 2 hours.
Super Delish!


LOVE these.
 They cook up in one minute.
 They are so yummy. If you usually don't like brown rice, try these.
Love me some Vita-tops.
I also love the brownies.
100 calories.
Super yummy.
Find in the freezer in your health food area.
or you can order ONLINE like i do.
love me some Greek yogurt.

They come in a ton of yummy flavors.
check out there WEBSITE for more details.
these rock and "roll"
they are so delish.
They don't taste like a health bar at all.
I'm addicted!
 They come in 5 flavors.
Caramel Peanut
Chocolate Peanut
Chocolate Turtle
Fudge Sundae
Oatmeal Walnut
Find them in your health food area.
With all the other bars.

Try some new cookbooks.

These are some of my NEW
favorite VEGAN cookbooks.
so good!

Step outside your comfort zone.
Try new and different types of cuisine.
We love Thai food, and Sushi.

 I love resistance bands.
They weigh nothing.
You can travel with them.
No excuses.
They come in different resistances
also "O" ring style
and "Figure 8" styles.
You can work out anywhere.

I used to use free weights, now im really hooked on these.
We only use bands on the weight training days of Boot camp.

They are sold everywhere.
Target, Scheels, Dicks sporting goods,even Walmart.

Have a Fantastic weekend Dolls!


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

New treats & Japan

Hey Dolls!

Happy Tuesday!!!

I'm so excited to announce that we are hosting an exchange student from Japan.

She will be here in February.
She's a senior, same age as my daughter.
we are so thrilled.

Tons of new treats in my ETSY!

lots of color 
"Hodge Podge"
 trim kits

a few fun pins and treats.

Hope everyone is having a super fantabulous week!


Sunday, January 24, 2010


Hey Dolls,

Hope everyone has had a fantastic weekend.

So many people email me about my backgrounds and my banners. I use several sources. I just wanted to share this one with you!
click above link this is the BEST site.
58 links are listed.

So have fun!

 Most of these girls do custom work as well for a fee.

I have always paid for my banners or made them myself.

Now go and create!


Friday, January 22, 2010

Happy Healthy Friday

Happy Friday Girls!

Let's just jump in, i have so much to share with you.

"Temptation Taco Salad"

This is everything you will need.
If you don't like Boca crumbles you can use white chicken chunks. They sell them pre-packaged in a yummy southwest flavor.

1 smart & delicious Tortilla
1 cup soy crumbles
 1 tbls taco seasoning
2 tbls fat free sour cream
low fat shredded cheese
pam spray

Preheat oven 425* degrees
1. Spray a small size glass bowl with pam

2. place tortilla in and fold along the sides to form a bowl

when oven is ready 
bake for 10-12 minutes.
(i do 12, i like it crispy)

meanwhile scramble soy crumbles

chop up lettuce and tomatoes

when bowls are done take out and let cool for about 5 minutes

 Add lettuce,tomatoes,cheese,soy or chicken.
top with:
 2 tbls FF sour cream
salsa and olives and a little more cheese.

The facts:
345 calories
40g protein
37g carbs
8.5g fat

Portion Sizes.
we all know that in America the portion sizes are way out of control. Jumbo this and super size that.
Lets get a handle on that.
these are a few rules i follow.

Protein = size of palm
Carbs = size of fist
1 oz cheese = size of a domino
fruits =size of palm

if you eat smaller meals more frequent through out the day you will rev up your metabolism, and you won't be hungry

I eat 6 times a day
about every 2 to 3 hours.
A protein and a carb
plenty of veggies.

Drink lots of water!

~Treats of the week~

Greek yogurt
the best!

25 calories

Love love love this.
pre portioned servings

I LOVE these crackers.
you can have 19
for 120 calories.

TURKEY peppeoni.
you can have 17 pieces for
70 calories.
cha ching.

one of my favorite mid day snacks

all 3 of these together.
i make little snack bites.
so good!

1. Try something differant.
take a spinning class,
take a yoga class.
try kickboxing.
Heck even salsa lessons.

Just get out there and have fun. 
life is to short.
Get Going.

What fitness magazines do you read?

cooking light
womans fitness
i also go to all of there websites.
whole foods .com
They all have websites.
of tips, and recipes.
Plus workouts, and lots of your questions answered.
go check some of them out.

"Blissful Brownies"
all you need is:
1 box devils food cake mix
1(15oz) canned pumpkin.

pre heat oven 400*
mix the 2 together.
this is it.
it will be thick. 
don't worry! don't add water!
spray cake pan.
spread thick batter.

bake 20 minutes.
makes 12 brownies
180 calories
2g fiber
3g fat
32g carbs.

be creative try different cake flavors.
Super rich and yummy!

Hope everyone has a super fantastic weekend!

If you have a question for me please email me.
I will answer questions and post some of them here next week.