Thursday, May 29, 2008

Been busy making gifts!

Yippie it's Friday!!!

well girls let's just dive in!
scrappy jessi's
pool is always cool!


Speckled eggs swap!

I Finished my Canvas from Cali!

Lori Maries class,

mine is allot differant then her sample.

I think im hooked on these cuties!

done, and mailed off.

Itty bitty vintage book swap.
"Prom Dress."

Here's my book page.
we had to do 30 of them!

I can't wait to receive my fat book in the mail.
It's going to be beautiful!!!

Y'all are so sweet with the comments on these. im making a bunch of differant kinds. kitchy christmas, etc... i will post them when im done. im not sure i will do an etsy?? not sure yet?

stay tuned!


I made these for a few cuties out there in blogland.

Just a little thank you gift!

This one is for Beth Leintz

This one is for Cheryl Stoneman

This one was sent to Maija Lepore

This one was sent to Holly Stinnett

This one was for Kim Caldwell

This next one was sent to

Kimla, for her baby girl.

I hope all you cuties love these!!


(Inspired by Kim Caldwell)

Im keeping this one!

This next one was made and just sent of to a purple cutie out there in blogland!

A suprise!

I really hope "she" loves it!



Ok chica's!

thats all for this week!

Im off to enjoy a great weekend!
Hope you all have a fabulous one too!



Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Lots of things to share!

Hola Ladies!!

I have so much to show you. so many things to catch up with.
from tags, to blog wins, to awesome buys!

So sit back and enjoy the ride!


This was Jeannes giveaway!!i just love it!! so adorable!!

I won this sach from Primitive Gathering.

It is so awesome!! she filled it with fresh lavender.


I sent these tags and gifts to ROSA, my seasonal tag swap girl!

Tags and a crown cookie cutter from Valita!!

so so darling!

I made this tag for my little sissy Jennifer
i just thought it was darling.

These are a bunch of tags i have made and sent out!

ATC's sent out

This beautiful card is from Kelly. it is so gorgeous.

A few weekends ago i went to an outdoor antique sale.

Here's all the goodies i found.

Fifi sent me a copy of Romantic Homes the one with her home office in it.

Thanks Doll!!!

The reason i knew about the magazine is because Celestina showed her home office on her blog! I was blown away. I e mailed her and told her it should be in a magazine. Well she said she was inspired by FIFI's Home office, in her magazine.

I was so blown away by her office, i sent her a few gifts.

Both of these woman are incredible designers!!

Kimberlee Edgar

sent me some fab gifts. Just Because.
We "get" each other.

So many awesome treats!!

Thanks girl.

This package is from those Two crazy crafters,

a little thank you for hosting the "Toy Party"

Check out these new House slippers!!

She sewed them.

Total rockstar!

New tags, and 3 beautiful enamel pins!

You girls are so so cute!!

i love ya both!!

Jennifer from "the polka dotted pixie"

sent me a bunch of her Moo cards.


That's it gals!!

come back on Friday for some more eye candy!



Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day!

Have a happy holiday!


Saturday, May 24, 2008

AA Part 3 last day! Eye Candy!

Memorial Weekend Yeah!!

Hope everyone has a safe a fabulous weekend!

I feel so behind! i have so so many swaps, wins, gifts , projects, room re-do pictures to share with you all.

so come back next week.
i will be all cought up.

AA Day 3 Sunday
Play day!

As promised here is the finished
"House Swap"

Can you guess which one is mine?

tee hee!!

Barbie Army!
This was such a cool swap!!!
Thanks Rebecca!


This swap was huge! Almost everyone signed up.So i decieded to make EVERYONE a charm necklace.
Even all the Teachers.

Here's mine!

Double sided!

It was so cool to see everyone wearing them around.They were all so happy!

My Friend Rebecca was such a huge help!! she totally rocks!Thanks Doll!!

Here the finished charm bracelet.

Loaded to the max.

Full of wonderful creations, and memories!

Thanks to everyone who was in the swap!

Irvine flea swap

This swap was huge!!!

we only got about 1/2 way around!

we saw so many familar faces! Candice, Kathy,Karen & a bunch of Maija's friends!!! So fun!

Kristen, Kelly Maija, Mary, Ruth, and Pilar


you were all so sweet!

Maija & Me goofing around, Shocking!


this is such a fab store!
the owner opened it up just for our group!

How cool!
This store should be called "cha ching"

By this time, we are all so pooped out!

we have been going non stop since friday!

Totally worth every bag and dark circle.

Heading Home!

Darn it! I want to move to LA.

Play with you cool cats more often!!!

Thanks for showing me such a fun time!

To see all the pics go to

See y'all next week!

More eye candy!