Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Girl Interupted!

Well folks

this is my last post before

my surgery. it is friday at 5:30 am


Just a few last things
i want to share with
y'all. before im


1. I need to pass on my


i am sending it

Natalie @100 percent cottam

This girl is a Riot!

she posts more than anyone

i know!

she always has something

fun & exciting on

her blog!

2. Yeah i am a WINNER!

I won the 1000th post on her blog!


That totally made my week!

Look whats coming!
How cute are these!
I LOVE them!

and looky loo!
this is a girl after my own heart!!!
These are all such "Jessi" things!
This will be so awesome
to come home to this from the

3. My Kris Hurst

package came today!!!!

she is the sweetest.

Umm Duh??? look at how

cute my box is, i could'nt

wait to tear into it!
she made me another one

of her fab washer ornaments
girl you are a genious!

she also sent me this beautiful

red glittered peacock!

so cute!

thanks for the extras!!

to see the rest of things i bought

just scroll down to the last post.
( you won't be disapointed!)
She's AWESOME!!!

4. Be PINK with me!

check out MONICA's blog!

2x2 fabric squares to

help fight breast cancer!
so cool!

Ok my sweets!

Keep your fingers crossed fo me!

for i will be "out of it" for awhile!

I was hoping my doctor

looked something like this!

He could put as many band-aids

on me as he likes!

(MY hubby can put them on me too!)

These will do!

I will be back as soon

as im feeling up to it!

you can't keep me down for long!

Thanks for all the well wishes!



Tuesday, January 29, 2008

So much to share!!!


I have so many things
to share with you!

1. the ever so fabulous
Jenn & Jacqui
(the bowerbirds nest)
gave me a little ol' award!

Thanks Girls!!!

2. Holla!!

this is a shout out to

miss kris hurst!

Look up at my new BANNER!!!!

so fab! love ya kris!

I also wanted to show
you all the goodies i bought
from her Etsy store!

(which by the way is my fav!)


So Fabulous!

i love everything!

You ROCK girlfriend!

3. Beachy's cape cod cupboard

is hosting the 2nd craft challenge.
she gave us a beautiful
vintage wedding photograph.
we then, were free to make
whatever we wanted!

Here's my creation:

This piece really means allot to me!

I used things from my own wedding (17 YEARS AGO) to create this.

The flowers on the left are from my veil.

The hanging pearls
& white clusters roses
were my earings, i just took
them apart.

The buttons & the music
paper are both vintage!


Thanks for the challenge!
it is a keepsake now!

4. Still on a high from my

WICKED trip, i finally did the

bingo card project from

Winter Bella!

This is my new fav piece
in my craft room!

I used the Playbill booklet cut it up, one of our
tickets. vintage bingo card
and bingo pieces. and tons of German glass glitter!


5. Maria @ The junkk drawer

hosted the "sweetheart box swap!"

My swap buddy was the

ever so red headed, skinny cutie

Maija Lepore!

This is the stuff i sent her!

Now, look what she sent me!

So fabulous!

Vintage wallpaper & photo!

This is what was inside!

so fun!

Another surprize!


this left me speecless!

and if you know me, that's

a hard thig to achieve!

I love it!

it has jessi written all over it!

it's a jeweld heart with a spinning crown inside!!! does'nt get any better!

Thanks Maija!

This was super fun too!

Maija took a roll of crepe paper and rolled all these

charms and goodies inside. it was awesome, the more

i unraveled, the more goodies fell. like a pinata!!!!

so cute!


6. Last but surely not least!

Our good friends

Nancy & Andy from Chicago

sent me a



So Sweet & Thoughtful!!!

and again speechless????

twice in one day! that is a record!

call Guiness world records asap!

Nancy sent me some of her

favorite things!

what a DOLL!!

she is a girls GIRL!

First of all, it started with the

card. Glinda? Duh!!! so fabulous!

Then inside it just kept

getting better and better!

1. Super fun, girly book!

2. Sue Devitt face spray! (im hooked nancy!!!)

3. Burts bee's lip balm, my fav!

4. A new CD "The story" by Brandi Carlile.

5. The most scrumptious candle from Pottery Barn .

Tupelo Honey!

Im in LOVE with this scent.

i will be buying lots of these for throughout the house!

Thanks again to all of you!

you ROCK my world!!!!!

Im so lucky to have all of you in it!



Sunday, January 27, 2008

Wonderfully WICKED!

It's a WICKED Saturday!
Early in the morning!

Very early!

I've been up since 5:30 am!
so excited!

leaving at 7:15 am
to the airport!

we arrived in Chicago about 10:15

we had some time before lunch

so we stopped and had a cup of Joe
at our favorite coffee spot!

11:00 am

We had lunch at the famous

The Italian Village!


so charming. it is over 80
years old! Al Capone used to be a regular!

The Food was incredible!

Appetizer: "Beef Carpaccio"
Lunch: "Lasagne al forno"


Dessert: Spumoni & coffee:

It was all so delish!!!

we rolled out of there!


Off to the show!

The Ford theatre was stunning!!!

adorable, so funny & goofy!
enchanting, witty & brave!

It was AMAZING!!!!!

i didn't want to leave!
i wanted to stay and get
tickets for the 8:00pm show.
We will definitely be
returning to see this again,
with the kids!


My FAV new musical!

Off to the airport!

returned home about 8:30!

The Wicked LOOT!

It was a Magical day!

One of the best gifts & surprises

my hubby has ever given me!

It was truly