Thursday, June 28, 2007

Scrappy Jessi's "GIVEAWAY!"

Paper Bella "GIVEAWAY!"

I Loved this kit! It's from Miss
Foof's Paper Bella site. Fab if
you have'nt been there. This
giveaway is to kick start my blog!
All you lovely ladies have to do
is leave a comment in the comment box! What inspires you?
I will draw a name Sunday night. The winner will be posted
Monday! Good Luck!
Thanks for stopping by.
Jessi Nagy aka (scrappyjessi)


ArtsyMama said...

Oh this is too fun and I'm the first to comment. Yay!! What a fun little contest idea. I LOVE this album. What inspires me....vintage stuff. Love to go to estate sales and find fun stuff to bring "new life" to.
Cheers to your new blog. Love it!

Kim Caldwell said...

This is so exciting especially because I never seem to get on to Paper Bella quick enough to get a kit myself. What ispires me? BLOGS! It is an illness I tell you but ever since I started looking at blogs my ideas and creativity has changed. I learn so many new things by looking at what is driving everyone everyday. I am in awe at all the talent out there. Amazing! Great contest Jessi! Thanks so much!

Lilli in Vancouver said...

Hi Jenerous Jessi :) So many things inspire me, I'm not sure I can prioritize. These days it's Originality and Innovation. When someone takes something that I'm used to seeing in a certain way, does something different to it, and it turns into something else amazing. I get all excited by that!

kerry lynn said...

isn't that the sweetest rak ever?? thanks jessi for offering this up!

i am constantly inspired by blogs, other artists and expecially foreign magazines like marie clare idees, japanese craft mags and of course foof, glitter and vintage ephemera.


Leslie said...

Oh gosh. You are so generous, especially since, I - like Kim - never seem to get to Paper Bella in time to get a kit.
When I read Kari's comment, I thought, "Oh yeah, I am so inspired by vintage stuff. . . " And I am! But, then I read Kim's post, and I'm also inspired by blogs! Originality and innovation, foreign magaizines . . . yep.
And old photos of my family. They always inspire me to create something to keep the images out where they can be seen.
Thanks Jessi!

Anonymous said...

All the vintage treasures inspire me. Inspirations from blogs start me off also. I think it's fun not to know what some projects are going to be at the beginning. Carol

m i c h e l l e said...

This is SO fun Jessi...and I love fun!!!

As for what inspires me...hmmm... my first thoughts go to things like fabric (Amy Butler!), color combos inspires, magazines, blogs, etc. but then I eventually start thinking how lucky I am that I have lots of support and constant encouragement from my dear family. They make me feel good about myself and call me things like "artist" or "talented." That inspires me. :-)

Jill said...

What inspires me... hmmmmmm....let's many things.
creative people
fresh air

I could go on and on...but these are at the top of my list. Thanks so much for such a generous giveaway!

Linda Jo said...

Great idea, Jessi! But such a hard question! I have to agree with the others....vintage stuff, flea markets, blogs, paper art magazines and books - I sure have bought more than my share of those. Thanks for doing this. See ya in November. linda

Lee said...

What inspires me... just about everything. All the "stuff" I've collected over the years, especially the "stuff" that has a memory attached to it, looking at what other people have created, shopping, my friends and family. The hard part is committing to an idea.

This is fun, thanks Jess

Kimla Kay said...

Such a great question...let's see...I'm inspired by many of the things others have mentioned: vintage finds, colors, magazines of all sorts, nature, dreams, shop displays (think Barneys NY during the holiday season), traveling, blogs and all their creative goodness, toy stores, and other artists of course.

Wendy Updegraff said...

Hey Jessi-what inspires me? I would say what is going on in the world around kids, the weather, my mood, etc. I take inspiration from all of these things and see what I can turn all of that energy into.

Dede Warren said...

Images inspire me. Vintage photographs, blog photos, flickr photos, all the internet sharing, and flea market sharing. I am a visual learner, if I can see it, I can make it. Most often I am inspired to simply create.

Heather said...

Oh my WOW! This is like the only kit I wasn't able to buy! Hmmm what inspires me? Heck - what doesn't is probably an easier question to answer for me. I think life inspires me - my family, my friends, love, magazines, all of the things I'm surrounded by.

Great thing to think about Jessi! Thanks for the thinking!

Trisha said...

Hi Jess,
I am most inspired by creativity. That is why I feel it is so important to reach out to others, to show their work and share tips and information. I am inspired by the artistic expression of others which seems to open up the floodgates of my own creativity. When the artwork of others "sings to me", I immediately find myself humming my own tune.

Trisha Evans

Camp Susie said...

How cool Jessi!
Thanks for the opportunity to participate.
Hmmmm...most often I am visually inspired. My love of magazine viewing is being replaced by blog viewing lately...but sometimes there is nothing quite like touching and feeling the paper and texture of something right in my own presence. And the thrill of finding the magazine in my mailbox is such a treat. Love seeing the ads in them, and type faces and colors and how the images are captured in time. My faves are ME Home Companion, Country Living...and can hardly wait for Victoria's October issue!
I also find inspiration in window displays, actually store displays in general. Hmmmm....colors and color combinations too, and fabrics and texture.
The internet has flooded me with so much eye candy...I can get so lost out there sometimes. Absolutely love FLICKR too. Oh.My.Goodness. ~ what fun it is to browse through there....
I feel like a kid in a candy store sometimes!
Susie V.

Beth Leintz said...

Wow- what inspires you? That could be (and I'm sure has been) a book!
On the internet- other blogs, flickr
on the radio- listening to classical or jazz music
movies- period pieces with great interiors like Far From Heaven, or the glam type movies from the 30's
shopping- antique malls & places like anthrolpoligie

cupcakestudio said...

What inspires me?

You have a lovely blog. Looking forward to meeting you at Silver Bella.

Happy Summer!

kristan said...

I just found your blog through Sherelle Christensen's blog and I can tell I'm gonig to love it!

My inspiration is family provides that for me, especially my sweet kids!

Kristan Martin

Taylor schapiro said...

I am inspired by colors; how different colors can change the mood of something so easily and how you can mix a color and by accident get the greatest result. I also am inspired by my worktable that has zillions of colors from previous projects painted all over it.

Valita said...

I have been pondering this question since you first posted it. I think what inspires me most is past experiences and past mental pictures. I tend to visiual everything around me and it goes into a mental rolodex so I can pull it out later. I am a create on the spot type person. I wish knew exactly where some of my creativity came from but sometimes I just get ideas in my brain and go with it. KWIM? But like others I am a collector of vintage items and love looking at magazines!

Heather - Speckled Egg said...

What a great giveaway! I agree with many of your other readers... I LOVE blogs and magazines and flickr. So many fantastic people out there sharing their ideas! I also love vintage goodies. It is so much fun to find new and creative ways to use things that may be discarded or overlooked... and I just love the charm of old and weathered things! My little girls are also a huge inspiration to me... I love making things for them (and with them)!

Unknown said...

How very cool! I have never been able to get a kit either!

Inspiration for me is scouring through a flea market or antique store. Love it when I find that special something that starts an art idea. Even if I don't find or purchase anything I am always inspired by vintage items and displays! I usually try to incorporate something I've seen either in my art or decorating!

Linda C said...

Hi Jessi. This is the first comment I have ever left since discovering blogs a year ago! So I guess I could say that YOU inspire me!! How exciting for you to be starting your very own blog! It's just amazing to be able to see and read about all of the creative people out there through blogs and FLICKR. Very motivating!
Thanks for doing this fun giveaway!
Linda C

Rrebeck said...
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Jeanie said...

fUN fUN!!! What inspires me? MY friends and family!! So amazing to see how our lives change and inter-twine!

Lisa Thompson said...
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Lisa Thompson said...

Inspiration comes to me from TV commercials, movies, music, shoppes, antiques, grafetti, and more! I am always interested in seeing other people's version of "ART." I hope for all of us in November to gain insight for a new set of INSPIRATION to broaden our own uniqueness. Lisa Thompson

Heidi said...

Hi Jessi! I found you via Flickr! Thank you for this blog giveaway...hope you draw me!!

So...what inspires me...magazines, flea markets, all these wonderful blogs, and plenty of books!

If you have time, come by my blog, I'm having a Summer Sun Blog Giveaway! *smiles*

"Maggie & Kevin" said...

Wow, love this kit and I don't have it! I love vintage anything, especially digging through estate sales and antique shops for hidden treasures. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder!

Thanks so much Jessi-see you at Silver Bella!

Michele said...

Greetings Jessi...Wow! What a generous gift to giveaway! I've been thinking that you have inspired me to find something creative like this for my blog as well...anyway...when I'm feeling dry, I wander around one of the local antique malls. Just a picture, or a painting, or someone's old art project can put the zing back in my brain...sometimes I'm lucky enough to find a do-dad that will jumpstart a project or add the finishing touch to one already in the works. I find that taking a peek at other artists' work is inspiring...color, magazines, flowers and coffee can get added to my list, also. Good wishes for your venture and I'll see you at Silver Bella!!!!!

Beth said...

hi jessi !! love your new blog ! can't wait to meet you at the bella - anyways vintage stuff and definitely the magazines like Mary Engelbreit and country living inspire me ! talk to ya soon ,

Rrebeck said...

I'm inspired by antique shops and salvage stores; leaving through my favorite magazines (Victoria is coming back!); sitting in my office amongst all my favorite things, bits & pieces, odds & ends that I've collected over the years.

Raised In Cotton said...

Hi Jessi :)

What a wonderful start to your blog!!! What inspires me? Dusty colors,trinkets,trims,sparkles anything with a vintage flavor!


Birds of a Feather said...

hey scrappyjessi, welcome to the wonderful world of creative bloggers! what inspires me? nature, flowers, especially roses, and birds. best wishes! xo

suesueb said...

just wanted to tell you i found your blog and love it. so fun and inspirational. your daughter is beautiful and i'm sure she wears the crown well. have fun!!

Georgia Peachez said...

Hi Jessi, thanks for coming over to my blog. Your blog is off to a great start.
I'm new to blogging too and all the other crafty bloggers are SO inspiring. Cruising around the different blogs kick starts my creative juices every day. I'm also inspired by vintage fabrics and trims, great antique malls and checking out all the thrift stores as I travel around for my job.
xo, suzy

Stacy said...

What I really love is to stop in small towns while we are on trips and explore little stores and mom and pop gas stations that still sell coca-cola in glass bottles.
I also love, love , love all the cool blogs, an endless source of inspiration!

Thanks for cool giveaway Jessi, can't wait to meet you in November!


Charmingdesigns said...

Hi, first time to your blog...not to late am I?? I get inspired by things I see in mag's, great craft books. Antique shops and BLOGS. I will now have to come back to these comments and visit everyones blog.Laurie

Lorri said...

ooh I love those 7Gypsie folders. I have done a couple too - on my flickr site.
This is so so pretty!