Saturday, November 17, 2007

SCORE!!!! Lucky Girl!!!

I feel so lucky today!
I was just about to
hit the sack, and thought
a few more blogsites
won't kill me!

Well lucky me!!!
I was the winner on

Im so excited!!!

I love these!

I get to choose colors,

and what i want written on them!

So Fun!


Then i was on kris Hurst's

blogsite. And we all know how

much i adore her!


You have to be pretty darn fast

to get any of this girls treasures!!!


I bought all 3 of these!

The stocking comes

in a set of 2

they are 12 inches long!

super cute!!!

Well My day ended


Off to bed am i!

Have a great weekend




Natasha Burns said...

Wow congrats!!! You're such a lot of fun aren't you! I don't think I could ever be sad visiting your blog!!! said...

I'm glad you are coming to the party, and I can't wait to see what you wear to the prom!

Anonymous said...

YOU GO GIRL!!!! Congrats on winning. Ooooh I looove Kris's work. I totally saw the Christmas Journal on her Etsy store today. LOOOOVE!!!!! Fabulous purchase!!!! :)

kris hurst said...

Oh Girly-I will have to send a christmas goodie from my stash of new ornaments I'm making for the stores for that wonderful post!!!!
Hugs Kris

Lori said...

cute stars you won there!!! and i love your goodies from Kris!!!

Bethany said...

Jessi, thanks for visiting my blog today!! It was fun to read yours!! You must be a Karla friend too :))

Sherry said...

You really HAVE done well..what an excellent weekend!!

Anonymous said...

WooHoo congrats to you!

Anonymous said...

Wow, I love the tour-de-Barbie! You posted a picture of MY Barbie, but I won't tell you which one...that would put an age on myself! Cute pics! Fun posting!