Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Lots of things to share!

Hola Ladies!!

I have so much to show you. so many things to catch up with.
from tags, to blog wins, to awesome buys!

So sit back and enjoy the ride!


This was Jeannes giveaway!!i just love it!! so adorable!!

I won this sach from Primitive Gathering.

It is so awesome!! she filled it with fresh lavender.


I sent these tags and gifts to ROSA, my seasonal tag swap girl!

Tags and a crown cookie cutter from Valita!!

so so darling!

I made this tag for my little sissy Jennifer
i just thought it was darling.

These are a bunch of tags i have made and sent out!

ATC's sent out

This beautiful card is from Kelly. it is so gorgeous.

A few weekends ago i went to an outdoor antique sale.

Here's all the goodies i found.

Fifi sent me a copy of Romantic Homes the one with her home office in it.

Thanks Doll!!!

The reason i knew about the magazine is because Celestina showed her home office on her blog! I was blown away. I e mailed her and told her it should be in a magazine. Well she said she was inspired by FIFI's Home office, in her magazine.

I was so blown away by her office, i sent her a few gifts.

Both of these woman are incredible designers!!

Kimberlee Edgar

sent me some fab gifts. Just Because.
We "get" each other.

So many awesome treats!!

Thanks girl.

This package is from those Two crazy crafters,

a little thank you for hosting the "Toy Party"

Check out these new House slippers!!

She sewed them.

Total rockstar!

New tags, and 3 beautiful enamel pins!

You girls are so so cute!!

i love ya both!!

Jennifer from "the polka dotted pixie"

sent me a bunch of her Moo cards.


That's it gals!!

come back on Friday for some more eye candy!




Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

You are blessed with all that love from your "sisters" in blogland. I know of know other place that is filled with so much love....Mary

Jeanne said...

I second what Mary Isabella wrote - your blog is always a trip to happyland! And I sure was happy to see a pic of my little collage at the top of your post - so glad you are liking it. Oh and that pink crown cookie cutter is darling. Love all your tags - we'll have to do a little swap one of these days girl! Isn't Fifi's home office awesome? Now I have to run over and check out Celestina's office.

Jennifer said...

jessi, that's awesome. i love checking on your blog to see what new and awesome things you have going on. the tags you made are beautiful and so are your finds at that antique sale. wow! you did good.


Anonymous said...

fun gifts and tags you have there!

Lori said...

lots of good mail there, my goodness!!! you are surely the tag queen by now, did you get a crown yet? LOL! my ATCs will be mailed out today...SO sorry about the delay...i am a putz...LOVE the bling and the book you got at the antique sale, and need i mention that tiny small little bassinet and baby are THE cutest things ever!!! SO SO SO SWEET!!!

Victoria - Florence and Mary said...

Great finds at the antique fair!

Victoria xx

Anonymous said...

You always have such fun things going on! Always love checking out what you are up to in NE!!!!
Hopefully one day you'll get to make it out to the barn sale!!! Would love to meet you!!

Mrs. Cherry Heart said...

Whooohooooo Jessi!
Your blog is always such a fun place to visit!
You always make me smile! :-)

Love all of your treasures!
Big Hugz, Dolly

Paul Sears said...

I love your thoughtful use of backdrops when you shoot your pieces - especially the sheet music. You have great stuff here! :)

Paul Sears said...

I love your thoughtful use of backdrops when you shoot your pieces - especially the sheet music. You have great stuff here! :)

Dawn said...

Girl, you hit the MOTHER LOAD!
What fabulous STUFF!
Happy Wednesday, Jessi!

Simply Me Art said...

OMG, That is alot of Goodies. I Love all the Tags, Jewels, apron and everything inbetween. You certainly are well loved ! Jamie

Sherry said...

Your posts always "dazzle" with goodies -- it's hard to know where to look first!!!

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Thank you! We appreciate every comment from you so much! Enjoy the house shoes! I like sleeping in them.

Anonymous said...

You are one lucky gal!!! But then again, you already knew that..uh?? All the goodies you have, I love it all!! I emailed you with something funny and very similar to what you have posted..."take a look!!"


Unknown said...

Woweee...you are so blessed by yor blogland friends. What a pleasure it must be to find these lovelies in the mailbox. Who doesn't love snail mail and gifts?!

Enjoy! xoxo,

Jeanie said...

What fun things -- incoming AND outgoing! I always enjoy stopping by!

LisaLaughs said...

You are always having some kind of fun, Jessi!! I always look forward to reading about your latest adventures, and there are so many pretties to see today!! LOVE that crown cookie cutter, and those slippers look so cozy!! And don't get me started on all that vintage ephemera (and those tdf butterflies!!)!! LOVE LOVE LOVE it all!!

Joy Jones said...

Ooooh my goodness!!! I loved it all! I need to intercept your mailman haha!!! Thanks for sharing all your creative juice...it's very inspiring girl :) xoxo ~ Joy

Debra said...

Oh my, what a bunch of goodies you have passed along, and received! Love love love all the gift tags, especially the sister one. :)

noodle and lou said...

wow wow WOW!! So many treats and I love them ALL!! xoxo...jenn

Anonymous said...

Is it's safe to say you were born under a lucky star? (Probably a glittery one!)
My fav is the one you made for your sister- darling.

Saucy said...

You either need to get a personal postman or a bigger mailbox!

Anonymous said...

Wow! So much happy goodness Scrappy J! My favorite? The tag you made for your sister, your friend!

lauren bergold said...

oooooooooh! what glorious items! every single one: the ones you made, the ones you found, (THAT COOL BARBIE!!!) the ones you received. **WOW**!!! amazing!

(ps: your tags are ASTONISHING and having just had pretty much a "first go" at tags for the current caardvarks challenge, i am especially appreciative of just how VERY skillful you are on that front!!! again, i say, "WOW!"!)

bluemuf said...

Jessi, I always have such a good time visting your blog. It's full of fun, eye candy, inpirations and best of all it make me happy.

Thank you,

Cindy said...

Great tags you made, so cute! Cute goodies you got and great finds! And yeah, don't you love that about blog land...how we get each other? It's the coolest.

Great post!


CIELO said...

Hola Jessi.... oh you are SO CUTE! :)

Lovely day....


Roxie Morrow said...

That was one wild ride for sure! Oh my goodness, what fun I had strolling through this post. I keep telling myself I need to get more involved in swaps, you girls have so much fun.

Jennifer Hayslip said...

Hiya Big Sis! I LOOOOVE my tag! Im sooo blown away by how incredibly thoughtful you are to make and send "just because" tags. I will cherish mine and the Sisterly bond we share! Your antique goodies bought are FAB!!! Love the barbies! ;) I THIRD what Jeanne says that visiting your blog is a trip to HAPPYLAND!!! XO

Miss Rhea said...

Gosh girl, by the time I get to the bottom of your posts my head is spinning and I forgot what I saw. However, lol, I LOVE the plastic baby pram, and the earrings and the baby tags you made are Out Of This World CUTE !!! The nesty collage is too sweet for words. And I really NEED a pair of pink booties like those, lol !! :)

Lori said...

Jessi, Wow you have been so busy! Where can you find a place to put away all your goodies you've got lately!!! Love the precious party you went to below! your marvelous tags came! I am finishing up and yours will arrive next week! I've had this stinken cold that set me back as usual! Felt like a kid in a candy store going through posts of yours I've missed! later,Lori

Anonymous said...

WOW!! Youve got some lovely pretties there!!! Awesome blog too I'll be back to visit soon!!

mendytexas said...

All of the tags are fabulous!! LOVE the antique finds. Anytime you can find good ol' Barb, you are doing great!! You are one busy girlie! :)mendy