Thursday, June 12, 2008

GIVEAWAY! Bon Voyage!


Sign up at the end!


"Scrappy Jessi" will be on
Vacation till June 23rd!

I will take tons of pictures!
Share what im sure will be another crazy adventure.
it always is!

Look out Mexico, here i come!!!

Drinks in Hand!!!

A few things to Share!
New atc's from Cindy
"Cindy is crafty!"

How dang cute are these?

I love them!!!!!
Thanks doll!!!

Paint Mine Pink!!!!
i ordered the sweetest vintage floral tin planters.

Shannon even threw in some Aussie treats!!!

Thanks sweetie!!

SHANNON is the hostess of the

Here are some things i sent her

How cute is her son? he "stole" the scrappy jessi pin!
i will send ya another one Shannon!

ALISON GIBBS is my partner.

here are some of the things i sent her.

I hope you love everything!!!! You were so fun to create and shop for!!!

what Alison sent me!

How funny is this, these are our 3 sons!!!

My own paper doll!

Ya, there were 4, by the time i unpacked the box, there were only 3 left. YUMMY!

This was such a fun swap!!! Thanks Ladies for making it so great!!!

JAIME aka "Rockstar"

I got my bracelet and suprise earings yeah!!

They are totally fab!!!

She even gave me a vintage shoe clip!!!

You are so so fabulous!!!

I am so excited for our trip!

Our cruise departs on sunday.

Not only a trip, it's Fathers day, our 17 year Anniversary. and my neice Lily's 3rd b day

There will be lots of celebrating going on!


June 19th

1 year of blogging!!!!

I have enjoyed this world so much! I have met so many wonderful girls. You all inspire me everyday. We would do anything for each other. Most of us haven't even met in person.I have had the awesome gift of meeting lots of you in person! Never dissapointed. You all ROCK!!! I LOVE that we all "GET" each other. I hope to meet all of you!!!


Please leave a comment on "THIS POST!!!!!!"

to be entered in the giveaway. i will pick the winner on Monday June 23rd!


Coach Perfume.
this is one of my summer favs!

I wish you all luck!!!

See y'all when i get back!!!!





Have a wonderful time Sweet Jessi! You will look gorgeous in your new dresses, shoes and jewels. Don't forget the sunscreen!

Anonymous said...

Have fun on your getaway, Jessi! I met my husband on the same cruise you're going on -- a 7 day to the mexican rivera. You will love this one! Have a blast, Barbie-girl!!!!

SewPaperPaint said...

Hi Jessi! I have been watching your blog for some time. It is one of my favs as you are always so upbeat and fun. Thank you for the daily dose of joy and inspiration. Nothing like a giveaway to encourage a comment, 'ey? LOL! I hope your trip is beyond amazing and that your new dresses (love, love, love) make you the queen of the ball, as I have no doubt they will. Drink a margarita for me!
Autumn Clark

Lolly said...

You lucky girl! Have a great time on your fab vacation! Count me in for your!!
I always enjoy your blogs!

Dave Huddleston said...

I love the paper doll of you! How cool would it be to have a whole series of them. An outfit and look for every occassion! Have fun on your cruise! Never been on one but I hear you eat ALOT!

bluemuf said...

Jessi, you will have a fabulous time on your cruise.with lots of fun adventures. I loved the big Barbie ship. Lots of great treasures and I always find it so inspiring to see all thes creative items. After reading your blog I want to run down and start creating.

Have a great time away
Hugs karen

Cheryl said...

Have an AWESOME time on your cruise! I know you are going to ROCK that ship! Happy Anniversay to you and your sweetie! Can't wait to see your pics. Oh, one did you ever find a "pink" cruise ship to go on? (lol)

Unknown said...

congrats, jessi! have a great trip!

LiLi M. said...

Congrats on a year blogging and have a swell cruise!! You girls did that parasol swap so well again. I just want to say that I enjoy your blog and I'm going to miss your funny posts (sniff) for a while. I don't need to be in your give away because I'm a european blogger and shippingscosts are expensive. I just wanted to congratulate you and wish you a nice journey! cya!

Valarie said...

Jessi... I'm so jealous!! What a wonderful way to celebrate!! 17 years?? You don't look old enough. I love reading your blog, you are so talented... I must own one of your wonderful scrabble tile sayings!! Princess sounds nice!! Valarie

Anonymous said...

Your blog is so much fun! I hope you are having a wonderful vacation!!

Grace said...

Congratulations you fabulous girl! Have a great time on your cruise can not wait to see pictures. Hugs Grace

Wendy said...

Have a great trip and congratulations! Ü

Shannon said...

Oh! What a wonderful giveaway! I just ran out of perfume too! Have fun on your trip!!

Anonymous said...

Have a great time on your trip! Sounds like you have lots to celebrate and some fabulous clothes and jewelry to do it in! NICE giveaway - hope I win!! See you when you get back!

Anonymous said...


Have a great time on your cruise!
Cruises are so much fun.

Congrats on your anniversary and one year blog. Thanks for posting
all your swaps and your fabulous

I can't wait till your store is open.

Best Wishes,

Amy said...

Have a great trip - can't wait to hear all about it! Count me in for your fab giveaway!

Twyla and Lindsey said...

I got that same pink parasol in my swap too!
We wish you a safe and fun trip on your cruise!
And I hope we get to meet you someday too! I think we have a lot in common.
From Barbie's to Coach!
I haven't seen the perfume in person to know what it smells like but I have the pink purse and scarf that has the little coach perfume bottles on it!

Maija said...

Have fun lovey!
We'll talk when you get back!

Lori said...

LOVE your new barbie banner, you are SO fun!!! great things coming and going for that swap...the collage Alison made for you is too cute:) have a fabulous time on your cruise...oh, and pick ME for your giveaway!!! what a FAB prize:)

Henry said...

how chic doll.. coach perfume..!! if i won, i might finally stop stealing my husband's old spice. He hates that.. hehee.but it reminds me of my grandpa.. HAVE OODLES OF FUN!

Alison Gibbs said...

Hi Jessi glad you liked your swap goodies. I had such fun creating the collage of you and the boys and the paper doll.
Have a great cruise

m i c h e l l e said...

Hi Jessi...Congratulations on ONE YEAR! Please add my name to the hat for the FAB Coach perfume. I ADORE anything Coach!

Have a marvelous time on your cruise!

Brooke said...

Have a super wonderful fun time! I am jealous! Nothing like a relaxing cruise. Have fun celebrating! said...

Jessi, Jessi, Jessi, bon voyage:) I love your blog, so happy and up beat. Have a wonderful trip, I'll think of you swanning around the decks, all gorg and glam in your dresses, shoes and jewels, cocktail in hand . . . Rachaelxo

Nerissa Alford said...

You are so sweet to have a giveaway for us.
Have a great time! Like I said, I'm gonna go into withdrawls. I really enjoy your blog.
Take care & have a blast!

LisaLaughs said...

Oh, Jessi, I LOVE all your parasol goodies!!! That little collage with your 3 sons is priceless!!! And your paper doll is adorable!! Sounds like you had an altogether fantatic swap!!

Have a fun time on your cruise, and have a drink for me!! ;o)


Unknown said...

Happy BlogAnniversary Doll! Have a great time in Mexico! Your coach perfume give-away is devine! I am crossing my fingers and toes to win this one!:)


Anonymous said...

seventeen years? you look like you're seventeen yourself!
have a wonderful time...

Kristi Price said...

I hope you have a wonderful vacation and thank you for your giveaway!

Amy said...

Jessi - you lucky gal!! I hope you have tons of fun on your cruise - it's me and my hubby's 18th on Monday but we're saving the cruise for the 20th. I'll miss you while you're gone...your blog is the first one I check every day :o)
Count me in on the Coach perfume too! Can't wait to see your pics when you get back.

katy said...

Congrats on your blog birthday. Have fun on your getaway. Please enter me in the contest!

Steve said...

Have a drink for me! and don't go near the railings!!!

Steve said...

Have a drink for me! and don't go near the railings!!!

Unknown said...

I love your is very sassy! dj

Toystory said...

Hope you have a fun and safe adventure.... enjoy.

Heidi said...

Lots of good swaps and packages! I hope you have a super fun time, and relax and enjoy! (don't go sealing the ship's supplies and start crafting in the middle of the night, now!!!) I love your giveaway....WOW! Thanks for the chance to win!

Everyday Cookies

Anonymous said...

I'm sure that you will have a blast on your cruise!! I love cruis'in.....and since I am in the travel biz, I have been on lots!
That green dress is going to look fabulous, and that jewelry with it..divine! I'm gonna make a pear martini, and I will be think'in of you!!!

Bunny B said...

Woohoo!! Congrats on your anniversary and blog birthday!! Hope you have a fantabulous time!! :)

Mahala said...

have fun!

Diane Mars said...

Sounds like you are going to do a lot of celebrating Have a nice cold drink on the beach for me. I love Mexico it is impossible not to have a good time (:
Thanks for Amelie's gift I love it, just perfect

Natasha Burns said...

Hey girl! have a great time away and remember that photo for me please!

Kari said...

Have fun on your trip! And thank you for the generous giveaway!!

vintage girl at heart said...

.. woo hoo 44 and 4 is my favorite number.. hence 4 children!!!
I hope you are having a super time and are taking tons of photographs!!!
Have a Margarita or THREE for me and we will see ya when ya get back!!
** These swap goodies are adorable!!!

Anonymous said...

ahhhh, vacation... the best time of the year!! congratulations on your blogaversary!!

Cathy said...

Have a great time on your getaway. Love your blog and am always amazed at how much you get accomplished! Nice giveaway, I'm always running short on great perfume.

Simply Me Art said...

Well Ms. Jessi Barbie Girl you go have a Fab time with your Family and a Huge Happy Anniversary for you and the Hubby and your Blogaversiary too. I'm so glad I get to visit here often it is always such a fun time. You are so full of Energy and the Swap Queen. Have a Blast and a Big Ol Drink for me! Jamie

Anonymous said...

Wowsa #48 here! Hope you have a blast on ur cruise! Make sure to have lots of drinks that include those fun paper umbrellas:)

Jana said...

Happy Blogiversary!! Can't believe it's been a year already! Hope you have a ton of fun in Mexico and that the weather there is gorgeous for you. Haven't smelled the Coach perfume before but I'm sure it's yummy!!!!

Mrs. Cherry Heart said...

Hey Barbie Girl,
You always make me smile!
I hope you have a wonderful vacay!
I will be thinking about you as I sit here in my lawn chair, feet in the kiddie pool sipping koolaid! :-)

Cherry Hugz,

Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

I know you are going to have a blast on your vacation.....Mary

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessi! Bon Voyage from The Kolinskys! We hope you, Chris & the kids have a wonderful vacation. Already looking forward to pictures and stories! Nancy

kamewh said...

Have a great vacation and thank you for the giveaway!

Peggi Meyer Graminski said...

Hi Jessi!

I hope you have a fabulous vacation - it sounds like an awesome time. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE your blog...what fun!! Can't wait to hear about your trip when you get back online =)

Best wishes!
Peggi xo

Sea Dream Studio said...

Well, you are at sea now and o doubt having a blast! I adore cruising! Mexico is fun!!! We love the Virgin Islands, too... sigh... I wanna' GO!!
Anyway, hope it is a marvelous trip!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your posts! Savor every bit of you vacation:) Love the umbrella lollipops!

Erzebat said...

ayayayayaaaaaa, reba reba! have a great time on vacation! A little hint.....bullfrog sunscreen! that stuff is great and you wont burn! have a great time, knock back a pina colada for me!
(mauh) Liz

mushroommeadows said...

YAY for the vacation! I hope you have a wonderful time!!! :) Can't wait to see all the great pictures!

Love all the stuff by the way. I LOVE the paper doll of you. ha ha. CUTE. ALso, those umbrella lollipops do look tasty! :)

Unknown said...

Oh you lucky girl!!! I hope you have the best time! Happy Anniversary too! Love all your new goodies! I love the chandelier notebook and cards! LOVE eveyrthing you sent Shannon too! Just too cute. The paper doll of you is adorable!

Have a fun and safe trip :)

Sadie Lou said...

Look at all the comments! Whew, girl!
I guess I make #60!
Sweet! I love your Barbie pics...those are awesome. Have fun in Mexico! Wish I was there...

M.E. said...

Have a super fun vacation, Jessi!
I will miss checking out your blog!!
Take tons of pics for us!
Happy Blogiversary! June 19 is our 9th Anniverary!
I love a giveaway, enter me in there, too!

teacupsandpoodles said...

Hope you have a wonderful time on your cruise! I'm sure you will come back all tan and fabulous!!! As always, I enjoy your blog and pictures.

ababe28 said... time flies huh?
Congrats on your year!
Have tons of fun!
PS...those planters are the bomb!

KE said...

Have a fabulous trip!!!! Thank you so much for my gifts....I adore everything. You are such a doll!!!!


Anonymous said...

Jessi, your pics on Flickr ALWAYS make me smile, but when I saw the Coach perfume one I actually squealed like a stuck pig. So here I am, humbly asking to be included in your giveaway :)

Have a wonderful cruise, know you will have a blast.


Cindy Is Crafty said...

So glad that you liked the ATCs. Have tons of fun on your cruise. And if you happen to pick me you can pay it forward to the number right after mine or pick another name!

3rdEyeMuse said...

you are tooo much, doll! have a FUNtastic and most sensational voyage! can't wait to see all your photo's ... am holding my breath, so please don't make me wait forever! giggles.

cheers! ~M~

Sandy said...

Happy vacation wishes Jessi! I hope you have a fantabulous time!

I see you have met my friend Cindy, I adore her ATC's and she makes some awesome jewelry also.

Unknown said...

Have a WONDERFUL trip!! Fun, fun, fun!!!

Kingswood Food and Craft Market said...

Jessi you sweet thing, your enthusiasm and awesome sweetness is totally unmatched anywhere in blogland !
Love love love all the swappin stuff, i cant believe Alison found umbrella lollies!!! That rocks!
Glad you like your goodies (any chockies left..???).
have THE BEST time away, you are gonna knock em all dead in those gorgeous dresses! I cant wait to hear all about it and see lots of piccies when you get back.
By the way, Sam STILL wont give me back the badge! LOL.

Lotsa Huggles,
Shann xo

Unknown said...

All your swap stuff looks so cute and fun! I love the "It's raining men" plaque you were sent. You don't look old enough to have sons that big! You look very young! I hope you have fun on your cruise...I love cruising...wish I were going on one!

Daniela6968 said...

I hope you're having fun!

Jennifer said...

wow, jessi lots to say: i hope you have fun on your trip. i'm sure it will be awesome. i just got back from camping and i sure wish that i would have been cruisin'! congratulations on your 1 year of blogging. i've certainly enjoyed your posts, even going through all the ones i missed pre-blogger for me. :) your goodies look amazing and i'm quite jealous of all the pink stuff, lol. :) "see" ya soon.

Sherry said...

I hope you have a wonderful time on your vacation!! Vacation, what exactly is that? I'm not sure I know the definition, but I hope you have a great one!!


Holly said...

Hope you have fun in Mexico! Don't get burned and (pssst! Don't drink the water!)

Holly Loves Art said...

Adios Chica! I hope you're having a wonderful time soaking in the warm weather and sipping margaritas. My favorite thing is the seemingly endless supply of guacamole!!

Fun post!! So many fun things... I just don't know where I would put it all.

Looking forward to seeing the pics!!!

Britt- Sparkled Vintage Charm said...

hi Jessi!!!
I really do hope you have a great time on your trip!! how fun! I have never been on a cruise :-)They sound like fun though. Take care sweetie!!
xoxo Britt

Jeanie said...

Congratulations on your first year and what a fun thing to do! Everyone will be eager to enter!

I'm enjoying seeing the swaps you are in and both your going-out and coming-in artwork! All are absolutely lovely!

Have a grand time!

Fran. said...

Hi Jessi, I know you'll have a rockin good time on the cruise!!! Looking forward to your fun memories you'll be sharing. I would love to be included in your 100th blog giveaway!!! Thanks, Fran.

Celestina Marie said...

Hi Jessi, Have a great time on your vacation. Love all the great swap treasures. Love the paperdoll of you and the raining men. Too Cute! Happy anniversary and many more.
hugs, Celestina
la rea rose

Andrea said...

Oh my gosh jessi! Your are toooo sweet, gets lots of sun and come back soon! :)

Carmen said...

Enjoy your trip! Sounds fabulous!

Lola Enchanted said...

Hello dear~Hope you have a wonderful trip! And I wanted to tell you what a sweet thing that was sending Kimberlee that package!!! You are "Super Sweet"!
Please add me in the give~away as well!!!!!!~
Have fun, and be good! {{wink,wink}}

Sandy McTier Designs said...

Have a fantastic time away! What fabulous goodies sent and received!!
Didn't even know that Coach had a fragrance! Please count me in!!
Have a fab time.
Sandy :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessi! I hope your trip is fantastic!

Erin said...

you're a hoot! Have a wonderful cruise!

Michele said...

Hope you're havin' fun right this very seasickness!!!! Congrats on one year....goes by soooo fast. I'll be checkin' in for all the fab pix when you arrive back on shore!
Michele :)

Unknown said...

Jessi! OMG! I can't believe all the goodies you shared! And then on top of that...the coach perfume! Please post a photo of the FAB green outfit with the braclet! Have a blast!
Hugs and come for a visit!

Heartinmyhand said...

Jessie, Have a great vacation. I would love to be entered in your drawing

Victoria - Florence and Mary said...

Hope you're having a great vacation and enjoying all the celebrations!

Lovely swap goodies.. I'm making some plans to host my own soon!

Victoria xx

LizzyJ said...

Hope you are not reading this comment unless you are laying out in the sand with a laptop and cocktail in hand!!

Congrats on your anniversary!!!

Sherry said...

Lots of great swaps as always Jessi!! Have a wonderful vacca -- sun, tequila, good food...sounds wonderful!! And happy blogaversary!!!!

Anonymous said...

gosh the 93rd comment!!!
hope you have a fab time
cant wait to see pics

as always love looking at all your goodies....


Linda said...

Hi Jessi,
I hope you have a wonderful time on your cruise, I'm sure that you will have a blast, oh and have a cocktail for all of us.
Cheers Linda

Little Blue Violet said...

Well just look at all the comments you re coming home to Sweetie. Of course~ mine is the name you are going to pick as the winner...hehehehe...trying a little subliminal psychology.
have a safe and fantastic vacation!

Carole said...

Have a wonderful cruise - we went last year and it was marvelous !!!

Kari said...

Hope you are having a FABULOUS trip!!! Can't wait to hear all about it:) Please put my name in the hat.

Melissa said...

I hope you had a relaxing vacation. You deserve it!!!


Tonya said...

Congrats on your upcoming blogiversary Jessi!
Hope you all have a most wonderful time on your cruise!
Big Huggs,

Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

Hope you have a safe & super fun trip! Happy anniversary, too. Our 34th was last Saturday, the 14th! Your blog is always such a breath of fresh air, I love your positive outlook!

BTW, I'm having a giveaway, too, so hop over before midnight on the 20th if you are near a 'puter on the trip!!!

Tx Hugs,
Angelic Accents

kari and kijsa said...

Have a fabulous trip!! Congrats on 100 posts!!

kari & kijsa

Recycled Rita said...

Hope you love Mexico! It is always fun! Please enter me in your drawing! karen b...

Kelly Snelling said...

oh my! so many wonderful comments! i hope you will have the best vacation ever!!! happy blogaversary!

Irma's Rose Cottage said...

Hope you have a great time.

Irma :)

Anonymous said...

Vacation, I envy you. Love your blog

Anonymous said...

Wishing you a fab last few days of your vacation. We've been to Cancun, but many moons ago (for our honeymoon).
Can't wait to see your photos!!!!

Pinkie Denise said...

Hello Jessi,
Hope you have a wonderful vacation. I am sure you will I hear Mexico is just beautiful! Take care Pinkie Denise

Kim said...

I just came across your blog. How fun it was to read through all your posts. Enjoy your vacation.

Anonymous said...

cant wait for you to get back...totally miss your eye candy, gorgeousness and adventures...
know you are having a GREAT time!!

Scrappin Cheryl said...

I just ran across your blog and I love it! Great stuff!

Anonymous said...

Jessi - Here is hoping that you enjoy a WONDERFUL Vacation! Thanks for being such a fun and inspiring person. Love your Blog. Lori H

Unknown said...

I have never tried that purfume before. I bet it is fabulous. I hope you have a wonderful time on your vacation.


Monica said...

Hey girl hope your having a blast on your cruise! We finally made it to Japan and i was just checking in on some of my favorite blogs!
Love your new jewelery and i cant wait to see all your fun pics!
Great giveaway! I love that stuff :)

cherished*vintage said...

Congrats on 17 years! Hope you had a fanastic and relaxing vacation. Your blog is so fun to visit, so here's to many many more years of blogging bliss!

Anonymous said...

Hey chickadee!!
have LOTS and LOTS of barbilishious fun on the cruise! wish I were there with ya! I just got home my self but not from vacation! missed all my blog friends! well anywho I am off to paint my kitchen! big big hugs!


Teresa said...

I hope you had a wonderful vacation! I'm always so amused by the pictures on your the boozin' Barbie!

Sarah said...

Happy Vacation! I love the parasol swap stuff you got...especially that big pink one!
Vintage Lily

Saucy said...

Wow sweetheart you have lots of comments to read when you get home! Yikes! I hope you have a lovely time. Don't forget to wear sunscreen!! Really, I mean it!


Kim Caldwell said...

Can't believe I missed your FAB give-a-way. Throw me into the hat if it's not too late! Bet your cruise was amazing -- can't wait to see all the wonderful pictures. Love ya!