Monday, November 24, 2008

Cookies & Sweet Friendship Gifts.

Hip Hip Hooray it's Monday!!
Just kidding!

I will be having my 2nd annual Cookie exchange.

On Dec 5th. Just do a post with your favorite cookie/treat recipies

***Please EMAIL me at

Please leave your name and blog addy if you want to play.

I will have a link to all the players that day on my blog.

Please use this button on your blogs.
Please spread the word,
and come Hungry!
I just wanted to post a few gifts I have recieved over the last week or so.

Thank you girls!!!

Angelina's cards

How flippin cute is all of this!!

I LOVE my new Barbie Holiday Cards.

Thanks doll!

Kim Caldwell

Gorgeous Crown bling ring.

bought at the Parision soiree.

Thanks sista!!!

Barb Burkard

Off the hook Barbie Bracelet!!
so so so cute.
Thanks sweetie

Natasha Burns
My own little "Jessi" vw bus!!

Yippy skippy!! I adore it so much!!!

Thanks so much my little Aussie friend.

or should i say?
ya,ya, ya,ya.ya!!!
(tee hee)

My "juicy" Little sister
Jenn Hayslip
(trucker mouth)
gave me the sweetest cupcake necklace.
I LOVE it.
Thanks sissy!!

I am going to make a "Silver Bella" slide show of all the shopping and gifting from my roomies etc...

There are way to many pics to upload!!
Thanks everyone for all your sweet comments and emails.
I appreciate every single one!
See y'all soon


bluemuf said...

Jessi, great treasures... I'm looking forward to seeing the slide show you are going to put together of Silver Bella


Jennifer Hayslip said...

Hello Beautiful Barbie!
I ADORE that sweet photo of you as a little girl! You've always had that BIG smile. :) Glad you love your juicy cupcake necklace. Shopping for you is SO much fun!!! Miss you already!!!
Love your trucker mouth sister! XOXO,Jenn

Jenny said...

How fun! I am mailing out your goodie tomorrow so....yeah!!!

Anonymous said...

I've sent two emails but they bounce back??!!

Maija said...

My my! You and Jenn and your trucker mouths......

mendytexas said...

Can't wait to see the pix! I know you must have had the BEST time! I sure hope to go one year...Love all your new goodies! :)mendy

Malissa said...

I keep reading your blogs about Silver Bella, and I just have to ask this stupid question: What is it? It looks like so much fun, and do they ever come to Texas?

robin dudley-howes said...

Hi Jessi
Thanks for leaving a reply on my blog. Those Barbie cards are so cute and original!

LiLi M. said...

Your new banner! You look too cute! So sorry that it's impossible for me to join your cookieswap. December 5th is our national and very very important birthday of Santa and unpack the presents day. I will be sooooo busy then and the days before too. With or without me your swap will no doubt be a tremendous succes, but I just wanted to tell you the reason why I cannot join. :-(
You got a lot of fun presents and from what I hear about you, you deserve them, have a great day!

Unknown said...

Hi Jessi! It looks like you had a ton of fun, girl. I am so jealous! You are so darn photogenic. It's disgusting! ;D Anyway, I know it was a wonderful experience because it is written all over everyone's faces. What fun!

Kim Caldwell said...

LOVE our sweet blingy crowns! So fun to have a wonderful friend to share everything with!!

Hugs, Kim