Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Hey Girly Girls!!!

Hope everyone is having a Fabulous week!!

New MOO cards!!!

2 more days till my Sissy's event!

I can't wait to see everyone and spend some Southern Belle time with my girls.

Have a great day!




Such a Wondrous Place this Faery Space said...

This looks heavenly! Have fun and giggle much! Blessings from Amy

JillzWhimzy said...

have fun, take lots of pics I can't wait to see & luv your Moo!

Beki said...

Love your moo cards but can I ask what they are and what they're used for, it's not something i've heard of here in the UK.
Have a great time at your sis' event, look forward to reading all about it.
Beki xxx

mendytexas said...

How funny...I just ordered some new MOOS too! Great minds think alike...hehe! Be sure to take lots of pics of the event!! Looks fun!

Alicia @ boylerpf said...

The invite is gorgeous! Have fun...hope you'll post pics!

Maija said...

Have an amazing time- I'm going to miss you!
I love your new MOO's!

vivian said...

have fun in at Jenns,Jessi! I know you will!

LiLi M. said...

Your new moo's are fab! Have a lot of fun at your sisters event, take tons of photos, don't think we will ever get bored with your adventures!

Natasha Burns said...

cute moo cards Jessi!
see you via webcam very soon!!! xo

Anonymous said...

hope you have a good time :-)

Rose XXX

The Pink Door said...

LOvely moo cards!!!
Oh I wish I was attending the event, but I'm sure I'll hear all about, and hope to see lots of pics! :)

Mr Ad said...

I like the moo cards... where can you find them?

Michelle Frae Cummings said...

Love the moo cards and be sure to have a fantastic time at the even!

btw...can you please send me your snail mail? I have some goodies to send your way!


Beki said...

Hi Hunni

I thought they might be business cards, they really are great and I will check out your link in a bit, thank you.
I would love to be handed a business/moo card like that but sadly like I said it's not something you see over here, just boring plain ones.
If you read my post, you would of seen that my daughter stole her idea for the picture frame from you. I knew she was going to love you, she even wants to get her Barbies out of the cupboard and put them on display 'hehe'!
We're really looking forward to receiving our parcel from you!
Have a fab weekend.
Beki xxx

Elizabeth said...

Awesome! Have fun!