Friday, June 5, 2009

Lots to share!



I'm so glad the weekend is here!

Ok so i have lots to share today!!!


1. Gifts from Miss Christine

EEKKK gorgeous Marilyn Barbie!!

woo hoo!

stunningly beautiful "Dollybelle" Fairy earrings.

Hand wrapped incredible smelling soap


I love it all!!!

2.Cabin pages...

Next month I'm going to Big Bear with a bunch of girls for a creative girls weekend. 3 teacher. lots of swaps. tons of fun.Lots of eating and drinking!!!

Kim is our lovely hostess.

One of the swaps I'm in, is a journal for the weekend.

I was assigned the "Memorabilia page"

we were to use bright colors, lime greens, hot pinks, yellow etc... you get the picture.

we each make 11 copies.

*Here's Mine*

Big Thanks in advance to Cheryl and Jenny!

They will be binding the books that weekend.

3. Flea finds from yesterday

All in all it was a great thrifty day!

although...... See the sweet Lilli hammer doll above,

She has been eaten by Miss Skylar. She loves her Babies. She thought this was for her.


O well still love her, i was over it in a minute.

4. Sparkle tile

Custom order for Armenian Princess

"Sparkling Scrapbooks!"

Hope you like it!!!!


Well kids that's it for this week.

Have a Super Fantastic weekend!




Unknown said...

Hi Jessi!!

Your dog is soooo cute, I cant stand it, lol! I adore animals :) I still love the doll!! Love all you finds. The pumpkin spice tin is so cool!!

Okay, I am in LOVE with the memorabilia pages you did!!! They are so happy! Great job :)

And that Marilyn Barbie is gorgeous!!

Have a fun weekend,

deb famularo said...

OMG Jess, can you hear me screaming from there!!!!!!!!!!!
I just LOVE it so much!!! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!! xOxO

Beki said...

What a great combination....Marilyn and Barbie, love her!
Great thrifty finds, very jealous 'hehe' and your memorabilia pages are fab, well done you!
Have a great weekend
Beki xxx

Mary Zywar said...

Your blog always makes me smile!!!!!!
Have a super weekend!!

Jennifer Hayslip said...

OMG!!! Im always guaranteed to smile when I visit you. Such happy fun goodies and treats! Your tile is TDF cute!!!! Loving your pages you made. Im squeeling over the kitties you found yesterday! PUUUURFECT! tee! hee! :) Have good one Sis! XOXO,Jenn

Rose Brier Studio said...

Have a wonderful time in Big Bear. It is so beautiful in the summer! Your swap pages are so cheery! What fun!

NicNacManiac said...

WOW.....your finds are adorable. Marilyn Barbie...awesome!!!! I love your pages!!! They jump out at you and are so fun and cheerful....great job :)
Have a fantastic weekend!

m i c h e l l e said...

Such happy inducing cuteness! LOVE all your finds at the flea market and your swap pages are so clever and cheerful!!!!

Have fun in Big Bear...sounds so marvelous!!! And hope you have a great weekend!!!

Barbara said...

OH GOODNESS...thanks for the fun post...(even though sweet skylar did want to get into the that memoriblia is just adorable!!!! thanks for sharing!!!! and your sparking tiles are just perfect!!! thinking that soon i need a lavender lolli...for my new UPSTAIRS STUDIO..(in the daylight! instead of the basement!) sending out love and hugz!

LiLi M. said...

You were spoiled by dollybelle, but you deserve it of course! Your custom tile is sooo sweet and your pages are so sweet too, as are your flea markets finds, or what is left of them :-D
Have a great weekend!

Maija said...

Naughty SKylar- but who can resist that face???
Your goodies from Christine are wonderful. I'm going to miss you girls so much at Big Bear!!!

Colette George said...

I'm laughing out loud as I read your blog- so happy I popped over here! That little monkey with the heart shape- I'm dying over that one!! that is GREAT!!!
I see that your little D.O.G. had it's way with a valuable- I just posted a similar story about my dog yesterday! too funny. That's why we call her (her name is Pearl) Per-el-za-bub! she's a sweetie though.
hugs to you and I'll "see" soon no doubt on our virtual travels.

♥zoe♥ said...

Hi Jessi:)
So gorgeous gifts especially the Marilyn Barbie!!!! I'm biting my nail and so jealous *hehehe* Lucky lady to have such amazing gifts!

Gorgeous tile! You really did a great job:)

WOW! You getting ready for another adverture with ladies HOW FUN!?!?!

Glenda said...

wow I love your blog and everything that you share, thank you I would like to ask you if I may how many Barbies dolls do you have,I was just wondering,.love Form Glenda

Removalists Australia said...

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