Monday, April 26, 2010

more custom goodies!!!

Happy Monday Guys!!!

I'm so glad that the week has begun!
Spring fever is in the air!
 Birds chirping, flowers blooming!!!
aaahhh Love this time of year!
A custom tile for miss Emily.
she is graduating in a couple of weeks.
her mom ordered this tile with all of Emily's fav things.
so adorable!
every piece has a meaning.
She loves it!!!
Thanks girls!

I also did a 2nd custom strawberry shortcake album.
This time it was for a collector.
she has a room full of strawberry shortcake trinkets.

Pretty darn cute!!
Hope you love it Erin!!!
i also wanted to share these shots of miss Chloe with her Birthday album. 
ok could she be any cuter?
Love you Chloe!!!

One more thing to share.
I made these "Jane" Albums for all the girls at my table, and the swap hostess.
Just a little Humor.
tee hee.
everyone loved them.
a little sneak peek of a summer project swap i'm working on.
I'm not done yet.
they need a little glitter.
i have to make 12 of these.
i have super cute packaging for them too.
I will post all about this swap as soon as it goes live.

Hope everyone has a fabulous week.

Love you dolls!


Erin said...

I DO LOVE IT. You are so talented and sweet to make this for me. Can't wait to get it home and put in my SS room. Thanks again so much!

Kelly said...

Wow such great makes!! love the Jane austen books! How thoughtful!

Red Lipstick said...

Oh I love your work Jessi! You are one talented lady!

Stevie said...

The tile and album are fabulous! Last year my niece's second bday was SS. We ordered a pan off of ebay by Wilton and made the cake for her. She didn't want to eat it at first LOL. Now she's all about Barbies. Your little birds with straw hats are so lovely! tfs


vivian said...

Looks like youre having fun Jessi.. and thats just as it should be! love the projects youve been working on!
have a sweet week and enjoy that sweet spring sunshine!

Holly Loves Art said...

OMG the new tile is adorable! So special Jessi. She will love it - it will mean the world to her! I see our picture in a cute frame behind the piece - awwwww how sweet.

Dying to see what project of 12 you're working on!
Have a great week!

Diane Mars said...

Well everything looks amazing! Great work flies out of your Studio again, my Jessi where do you find the time! I sure do love it all. Hugs, Diane

Dianne said...

What adorable crafty things-you rock Jessi! Thanks for the inspiration.

Unknown said...

Oooh I didn't know you ended up finding a Blythe after all! Too cute! I instantly spotted The Notebook advert on the tile. That's the best movie eva'!

Sand xox

Kateyed said...

Such cute things! I love those tiles you make. The Blythe book is so funny!

Anonymous said...

where oh where did you find the "classic" strawberry shortcake embellies? My niece has her bedroom in SS and I'd love to add to her collection.
I love your crafty room and your work, I'm inspired to get into mine.

Kari said... that you posted the pics of Chloe. Now that the album is full, she loves to page through it over and over again. Thanks a million!!!