Thursday, June 10, 2010

Girls day out!

Hey Girly Girls!!!

Hope everyone is having a Fantabulous week.

We are keeping busy this summer.

Yesterday Taylor and I hung out all afternoon.

We went downtown to the Old market district.
So fun!

First stop...

We love this store!!!
Here are a few of our fantastic finds.

we both got these in brown suede.
They rock!!

this is the sweetest necklace.

super sweet crochet headband.

Then we headed over to this totally cool artist gallery and work house.

is a 3 story artist gallery and studio space.
Historic building.

There are all kinds of artists there.
Everything from potters, to metal sculpture artists. jewelers, painters, stain glass window artists. just about every type of art was there.
so cool.

This was one of the coolest pieces i saw.
She uses puzzle pieces.

This is such a great idea.
a wreath filled with pencils, crayons.
this would be so cute for a teacher or art teacher.

This is the cutest door to one of the over 100 artist studios.
It was magical!

we ended the afternoon with a late  lunch at 


Well i'm off to get groceries for our camping weekend.

should be fun....



LuLu Kellogg said...

Jessi, your daughter is beautiful! She looks just like you. I love the shoes you both got and that dress form at the gallery is gorgeous.

Have a fun weekend!


Maija said...

The gallery looks fabulous!!! Have so much fun camping this weekend!!!

1 Funky Woman said...

Get outta town? An Urban Outfitters! I haven't been to the Old Market in years! That art building looks fabulous too! Is Trinis still there? It was downstairs across from the French Cafe! We ate at Trinis every Friday for years and then sat and people watched! Of course who doesn't know about Spag. Works! We have one in Des Moines. I'd love to hear about what else is down there!

Honey Lamb and I said...

I do love that wreath!!! It is so cute and a great idea for a teacher! ~Shelley

Lori said...

that gallery looks like a fun place to those two are so beautiful!!!

sanjeet said...

love the shoes you both got and that dress form at the gallery is gorgeous.
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Grace said...

What a fun day of shopping and arty gallery with your daughter..Have a wonderful camping weekend! Grace xoxo

Unknown said...

Shopping and lunch make for a perfect day! Have a great weekend sweetie!

Sandy xox