Monday, November 22, 2010

SB cont....

Hey Dolls

More Silver Bella Fun!


Off to Harlan ,Iowa
to Hannah's wallpaper

Marilyn, me and Hannah

Thanks Girls
We had a blast!!!

Off to Walnut , Iowa
the cutest little Antique town

So fun!!!
The girls found lots of great deals

~Welcome Night~

Roxie & Robin
2 of my little sisters

Mendy & Me

Me and Lori

Cheryl, Karla and Lori

LuLu my little sister
so sweet

Canvas Swap
Roxie & I had each other.

Cute packaging

Roxie & Me
So Happy

I love my canvas.
Thanks Girl!!!

I had 2 classes the first day

Beth Quinn

My girl
Love her.

Kara & Me

Kara's Doll and mine.

This was such a cute class!!!
Thanks Beth!!!

Next class....

Kerry Lynn Yeary's

This was a super cute project too!
I loved all my classes this year

Thanks Kerry!!!

Friday Night
Vendor Night

Cheryl & Me

Robin & Roxie


Candice & me

Me & Jenny Bowlin

Me & Heather

Robin and Roxie

Me & Lisa Kaus

Jem & Robin

Me & Stacy

Natalie,Stacy, Colleen and Lonnie

Karla and me

Me & Amy Powers

The McFayden Clan

Kim at her cute table

Vendor Night Rocked!!!!

It was snowing.
all the girls were so excited.
They don't see snow very often

Kim & Cheryl
My crazy roomies!!!

Up Next.....

I Had 3 classes
so cute.
Then the good bye dinner.



Robin Thomas said...

I love this post full of happy girls. I am wishing I had that teacup fairy class. SO cute. I bet ou finished all your projects. You are so quick. Great seeing you there!

Heather said...

Cute smiles all around!!So great to have spent some time with you!!

Karin said...

How in the world did you contain yourself with all that vintage wallpaper!?!?

Sandy said...

Jessi... Your post is adorable..looks like a fun fun time with fun ladies...Been watching you and noticed (ha) that you love dolls..Barbies! I have a big collection of fashion dolls myself, not a Barbie person, but love my Gene, Tyler..and the list goes on..not to mention their still my heart..swoon. Love to get to know you..please come and visit my new site. Happy Thanksgiving to your and yours...xoso Sandy

NicNacManiac said...

Looks like you girls had a ton of fun...I am so in for next year!!
Wishes for you and your family for a blessed Thanksgiving! xOxO Nerina