Saturday, January 15, 2011

6 More Fab Finds!

Hey Hey Chica's!!!

Hope everyone is having a fabulous week!!!

I have 6 more Fab Finds for ya'all!

Hydrating body butter

Salt Scrub

Sea Salt body dry oil

I LOVE this line!!!
It is so so so dry and cold in the midwest
my skin drinks it all in!!!




Ummm YUM!!!!!

The Hot cinnamon spice!!!

I first tried it at a Disneyland Hotel last year during the "Alice" event.

So happy
brought this back its on like 4 times a day.

I own the boxed dvd set,
but this is so much easier!!!

Love the fashions
the witty banter , the friendships and most of all

all the crazy memories these girls have made!

It reminds me of all my fav peeps!!!
Love my Girlfriends!!!

fast drying top coat!

This is the best top coat.
Super shiny 
Fast drying!!!

LOVE this show
Its on 

Nadia G
is Hilarious!!!

Check Her out!!
She will make ya Laugh!

Well Loveys thats all for this week!

Have a Super d Duper 



Miss Rhea said...

Did someone say cookies ???? Lol !!! Happy New Year sweetpea :) !!!! Hugs :) :) :)

Bunny Chic Boutique said...

Thanks for these Fab Finds!!! I'm going to try ALL of them ~ starting with the top coat. I've been looking for a FAB top coat that will dry super fast!!

Enjoy your weekend ~

Bunny Hugs ~


Grace said...

I look so forawrd to your favorites! whahahah Bitchin Nadia? Yeah well I guess I will have to pass on this one! I will take your word on it! haha Grace xoxoxo

Shell said...

Hey Doll!

Hope you are off to a good start in the New Year! I've been Uber busy,,,,show next month! Ackk!

Love the "Bitchin Kitchen" Cookbook! Too fun!

I'm having a little giveaway if you want to stop over!

Hugs my sweet friend!

Cheryl said...

Thanks for sharing these great finds Jessi!! I have tried the Harney and Sons tea, love them...Funny, I was looking at the cinnamon spice today at Barnes and Noble and considering buying it!! I think this was a sign, I wish I bought it now!! Love reading all you posts!! xoxoxox

Stevie said...

Oooh the tea sounds delish! Hope you're having a fab weekend! xoxo

Holly Loves Art said...

Those pancakes and cookies look divine! And we can never get enough of the Sex and the City girls! Did I tell you that I loved the 2nd movie more than the first? I want that blinged-out pill/vitamin organizer that Samantha had!

Scrap It Swanky Sister said...

I'm always looking for gluten free mixes, I'll have to try these! I've been catching the Sex and the City reruns also, I love it!! Love the fab finds!!

Jennifer Hayslip said...

Love all the new FAB finds!! They should pay you to post and promote their goodies. ;) Never heard of the bitchin kitchen, but the name itself makes me want to see it! LOL!!! Have a great week! Miss you and can't wait to see you soon!! XOXO,Jenn

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

That H2O line is what I need, too! Thanks for all of the links!!!!
Happy New Year to you!


Unknown said...

OMG I too blogged about Bitchin' Kitchen. I just love Nadia and the boys! Have a great time in hot Las Vegas!

Sandy xox

Anonymous said...

Look at that awesome green hat on Sarah Jessica Parker! In my alternate life I would dress like that every. single. day.