Wednesday, May 18, 2011

No More Wheat!!!

Hey Hey Campers!!!

Hope everyone is having
 a wonderful Spring!!!

I got allergy tested on Monday.

Not only am i allergic to several trees, weeds, and grasses. 
( not a big surprise)

I found out i was highly allergic to 


There is wheat and gluten in all the things i'm not supposed to eat in everything!!!
  Licorice, ice creams, soy sauce,  beers,  malts etc....

Thank God, i started baking Vegan about 2 years ago.

I have been eating healthy and clean for a long time.

But i do like my pretzels, crackers, and bagels.

There are so many choices now.
I went to whole foods, trader Joe's, and Hy Vee.

There are so many breads, cookies, etc....
Still on the hunt for a "regular" bread.

So after years and years of health problems, i'm hoping this is finally the answer i have been looking for.

Fingers Crossed!!!

I have started collecting a list of blogs, and websites that i now check in on.

If you know of a blog, and or website that is wheat/gluten free.
Please let me know.

Have a wonderful week Dolls!!!!



chinamommy said...

Oh wow, good luck! anytime you have to cut something it's a lot of work. We do LOW LOW LOW sugar and it is in EVERYTHING... Good luck to you!! Achooooo...

Sugar Bear said...

I would love to see your link list for this and get more info on how you went vegan/gluten-free. I'm trying to at least go gluten-free to deal with a health issue I'm having and feel so overwhelmed!

The Rambling Papercrafter said...

One of the blogs I love to check out is The Mennonite Girls Can Cook. They have a really nice collection of gluten free recipes. Here's the link

Diane Mars said...

My hubby is also on a strict gluten free diet, we have found a local Bakery that bakes Homemade Gluten Free Bread on Fridays, a loaf lasts him all week. And the rice noodles at Trader Joe's makes for a great Pasta dish. We have tried many different products, it is a bit of a challenge but he is feeling much better. Good Luck! oxox, Diane


I highly suspect that our wheat supply has been genetically altered making more and more people allergic to it.

The good side is that there is a growing amount of alternatives out there now.

My nephew is celiac so we have completely changed our Thanksgiving menu and now it is better for all of us.

Bon appetit!

Natasha Burns said...

Good luck Jessi! So glad you know what's up now and can deal with it the way you need to :) xo

Unknown said...

Hi Jessi!

Try She has some wonderful GF recipes, including some great breads!

And Glutino makes some kick-butt pretzels.

Soy sauce comes in wheat free too. San-J and Wan Ja Shan are great.

It's tough at first (I went to culinary school to bake, and now I have to wear a dust mask when I bake!), but it eventually becomes second-nature to check for ingredients.

Oh! Cola is out too: Caramel color contains gluten.

It gets easier, girl. Hang in there!

Email me if you have any questions. :)

Amy said...

Keep it simple, Keep it fresh is a great blog!

Unknown said...

I would like to say that you can find great "regular bread" but I'm sorry to say I've not found any yet. Toasting is the best way I've found to eat most brands :(
Budwiser(sp?) makes a good gluten-free beer. However it does not taste the same. Keep an eye on all your health and beauty prod. This is not a fun but do able. Judi in Wahoo

Judi said...

I'm not sure how but my post was under a different persons e-mail so Judi in wahoo should have been under this e-mail address

matgrif said...

Udi's makes really yummy gluten free bread. (the have a cinnamon version too) Bob's Red Mill also has a ab/fab brownie mix when you need a fix. Good luck ~ don't forget you can order hard to find foods off of the internet too.

Lorri Scott said...

I got here from dollybelle's. I eat gluten free and have found this company's bread product are the closest to real bread I've found. I am so happy! The regular bread and cinnamon/raisin are great. I live in CA and buy at a local market so not sure where you would find it but here's the website