Friday, June 17, 2011

Vegas Baby.....

Hey Hey Dolls,

Were off to Vegas
to celebrate our 
woo hoo

were staying at 
Mandalay Bay
this time.

They have an
 awesome pool area!

Do a little shopping...

Have a few drinks

Go to a couple clubs

 Catch a show

Maybe even renew our vows
at one of those cheesy chapels

and basically relax, and enjoy our trip

Hope everyone has a 
Fabulous weekend!

See ya next week.



Sharon S. said...

I'm going to be in Vegas week after next! Woohoo!

Happy Anniversary, and have a blast!

LuLu Kellogg said...

OK, take lots of pics!!!

Have fun big Sissy!


Diane Mars said...

Have Fun! Happy Anniversary~ Remember what goes on in Vegas stays in Vegas... (:

Unknown said...

WOW 20 years! Happy Anniversary!! Have a blast in Vegas! I was there not too long ago and it is crazier than ever ;)

Sandy xox

Jennifer Hayslip said...

Happy Anniversary Doll! Hope you guys had a blast in HOT Vegas! Can't wait to see pics!!! Love and miss ya! XOXO,Jenn