Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy November!

Happy November Dolls!

I hope everyone is having a Fantastic Fall.

I Just wanted to share some of my recent
Jessi Girls Beauty World
videos with you!

Make sure you go on and 
It's Free & Fun
You will be entered in all the giveaways!

eyebrows 101

Beauty corner

October Favs

Some awesome gifts

Thanks Girls!!!!



Grace said...

I love your videos. So happy to see someone as obsessed with makeup as me...maybe at times a tad bit more!!! lol Thanks for sharing. Grace xoox

roseroomnz.com said...

Thanks for awesome tutorial! Have a pencil and brush but didn't use it cos didn't know how! now I do! lol And your make up corner is amazing, you would laugh if you saw mine, actually I should send you a photo - haha!

Francine said...

I just saw one of your video's. I have never seen so much makeup in my life. I think you have more than I have seen at Macy's. I know I don't have that much makeup. I saw the little cosmetic bag give away. I love the colors in it. I wear mascara and a little bit of lipstick and sunscreen on my face daily. For some reason, I can never find makeup that looks good on me. I have fair skin and some freckles. Anyway, love your site. I think I am a follower but not sure. I will check. Hugs, Francine

Francine said...

Jessi. I wanted to tell you something before I forget. I had a feeling that you were a Saggaterias. Not sure on the spelling right now. It was just a feeling. I don't follow the horoscopes but I just had this teeny tiny feeling you were a Saggaterias. :) I looked at your complete profile and sure enough you are! Hugs, Francine

sophia smith said...

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