Monday, March 3, 2008

Giveaway + 2 more!!! Tons to share!

I love all the responce to my

I decieded to add a 2nd, and 3rd winner.

so now y'all have 3 chances to win!







Good Luck!

Been very busy around scrappy jessi's house!

i have really been into making tags lately!

These are made from vintage wallpaper!

recycled bags from speckled egg.

vintage lace!

Made these tags from:
1."paper" from Natasha Burns
2."tickets' from Sea Dream Studio!
3."Yarn" from Sugar Sugar
4.vintage music paper & buttons!

Girls this Barbie is going on a cruise!

A family reunion cruise this summer!!!
There are more than 20 in our group!
6 families!
I am making each family a little frame gift!

4 down 2 to go!
They are so fun and bright!
Im so in the mood for summer!!!!

I had to show you a few
new things i love this week!

New Apron!

Cute new peeps baskets!

look at those bums! cute!

My Tag Gate!!!
it's ever growing!!!
thanks to all of you that have sent
me tags and your business cards!

A gift!

My daughter and i were out
shopping a few weeks ago!

we discovered a little boutique,
that has new and vintage items!
There it was!!!!
In all it's GLORY
This gorgeous vintage enamel pin!
i thought the colors were so unique!
I remembered my friend
Suzanne Duda collected these
i snatched it up and mailed it out!

i remembered she had posted
such a cute idea back before the holidays!
Im so glad you liked it!
Your a DOLL!

A few purchases have been rolling in this week!
Angelina's Beautiful Cards!

look at these adorable party hats!!!

I LOVE them!!! My new Easter cards, and cocktail party cards!

to cute!!!

Thanks for all the extras Angelina!!!

I adore you!


The ever so talented


How cute is this vintage
Easter wrapping paper!

adorable! I love all my new things!

March 27th!

Karla & Beth's

"Bling your Birdhouse party!"


Tune in later this month!

there will be dozens of gorgeous

bird houses out and about in blogland!

I was asked to give a shout out

to a new AMM Easter Swap

Hosted by Kerry Norrod!

Check it out!

Lastly i was tagged by the

super cute KIM!

6 quirky things!

1. I dance around and sing all the time!

2.i HAD a wierd heart shaped uterous!

3.Im a smell~a~phobe!

I have candles, room sprays, plug~ins,

potpourri, carpet sprinkles, car auto

plug ins! everywhere!

4. I collect fragrances, i have over a 100.

and i where all of them. depends on my mood!

5. We have take out Chinesse food

every Sunday night!

6. simply! im crazy!!!!

im not going to pick 6 people.

If you have'nt done this TAG yet?

consider yourself TAGGED!

Have FUN!



please scroll down, and

leave your comment on the

previous post, if you want to be

entered in my


Have a fabulous Monday!




Lori said...

Jessi, you tags are so cute and speaking of tags...oh my!!! your tag gate is just fantastic!!!

and i love the frames you are making for the family cruise, what a sweet keep~sake!!!

Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

The tags are wonderful. You are so blessed to have such sweet friends. All of the things you recieved were so beautiful. The Easter things were truly awesome!!! What sweet frames you are making for your family . I know they will love them and have such nice memories of this vacationfor years to come....Smiles to you my friend...Mary

the said...

WOW! Someone's been busy! I love those tags and that apron ---- I need that :)
Thanks for sharing all the great pics !!!

Alison Gibbs said...

Wow Jessi what eye candy in this post. I just quickly scrolled down and decided I need a coffee to drink while I read your blog properly.
Have a great week.

bronwyn said...

So many lovely things to see! I love your tag gate, what a great idea:)

Anonymous said...

Jessi, Hi! I adore your blog and your creations! Those frames for your family, too cute! Thank you for your all your great pics and your fun and spirited blog! I've been a lurker for awhile and I thought it about time I show my appreciation!

Natasha Burns said...

Too much fun Jessi!!! Love seeing the tag-gate and your goodies are so wonderful! The cruise frames are so cute!
Wow you made such cute tags with my paper, I've never seen ones like that before! (Your other paper is on the way, I shipped it out yesterday)

Lilli in Vancouver said...

That's a great enamel pin! Beautiful glossy pastel colors.

I'm a smellophobe too :) I always have scented candles on, and when my students come in, they try to guess which smell it is. They especially like the jar candles that melt on a little hot place. Especially the boys.

Beth Leintz said...

I think you should give your mailman/mailperson something nice, because they sure bring you a lot of good stuff. I always like visiting you because you always have the best of the eye candy!

Stacy/Creativemuse said...

BOY O BOY YOU have been busy busy busy I LOVE YOUR FRAMEs your family with adore them! such cute tages love the gate did you make it it looks fuzzy?
the tags are so wonderful I am into tags too I have done some for the Heathers Easter swap and AM loving them!!!
look at this for enamel I love this artist!
Love to you!

Anonymous said...

Wow, wow, wow! What a fun post! It looks like you've been very busy! I love all the pretty colors on your blog! :)

And I want to go on a cruise with Barbie! ;)

Lolly said...

I am soooo jealous of your tag gate! I am just starting out with a tag collection - mine and others - and this is a fantastic idea! I may have to steal the idea! Your blogs are always so much fun to read! You must be just full of fun and energy!!
Thanks for sharing!

Tiff said...

Cute Frames for the cruise!


Anonymous said...

I love the frames.They are so cute and what a great keepsake!

Joy Zaczyk said...

You are just too cute - I love your blog entries - always so much FUN!

Amy said...

Love the tag gate Jessi! Such a wonderful idea for displaying tags. Amy

Kingswood Food and Craft Market said...


love love love all your creations and the frames are just the bestest and sweetest idea.

Im off to enter your giveaway and please pop over and enter mine too!


kecia deveney said...

wow! that post was so full of eye candy- my eyes are buggin! i think i liked the doll/card with the polka dot skit the best.
xoxo kEcIa

Diane Mars said...

You are are a very fun Blogland Girly Girl I love your new tags they all look wonderful. And the Summer cruise frames are FUN Everyone is going to love them!
Hugs, Diane

Jennifer Paganelli said...

This is where I come to fill up on what everyone is doing....amazing amazing that's all I can the banner miss, Jennifer

Amy-Razz Pizazz Boutique said...

so much yummy goodness on this post! You make me in the mood for spring!!!

Julie Collings said...

so many lovely spring things! your tag gate is looking fabulous, such a great idea.
love the sweet sugar eggs, xo julie

Vicki Chrisman said...

I LOVE your tag gate!! Everything was just totaly delight for the soul! THanks for sharing all the pretties!

Heather - Speckled Egg said...

Hi Jessi!
You are so the shopping queen! I thought I had the title, but you soooo have me beat! I love all your treasures!

The tags are too cute! I love how you recycled the bags... I can send you more if you need some :)