Friday, March 21, 2008

Good "green" Friday! Hip hop Finally!

All system go!!!
everything was perfect
at my check-up.

Me very Happy!!!

Cindy Baker in Arizona
asked if i could see
if our Hobby Lobby
had the pair to her book end.
Theres only one in AZ. and it's far away!
so "of course" i found the glorious gold
crown! mailed it off. did'nt give
it a second thought

i told her don't worry
about paying me.

No big deal!

look what came in the mail yesterday!
A whole bag of vintage easter goodies!


That was so sweet.
i love all of it!


i LOVE my tag gate!

so many sweet gals from

around the world are

working on tags.

Were doing one on one swaps!

I will show you what i made for
them, when they recieve them.

don't want to spoil the suprise!

They are coming from as

far as The Netherlands!

so cool!

Hey! That's my tag!

Hippity Hop Easter Swap!

DAY: 8 Stephanie ann Rojas

(no blog yet WHY?)


is this the cutest eva?
i adore it! so charming!

Girl you need to get a blog!

Im sure we are missing out on

all your fabulous creations!

DAY:9 Dolly Secord

from my cherry heart!


is this just the sweetest

box you've ever scene?

It is so lovely!

Thanks DOLL!!!

DAY : 10 ME

Scrappy Jessi

I used PINK playing cards
vintage: wallpaper, lace and images.
tied it up with lots
of ribbons, and Glitter!

I hope eveyone like there gift?

This little basket is so sweet!

lots of charming details.

it is truley adorable!!!


Here's a "little somethin

somethin" going in my

"Junque in your trunks"

girls packages!

I used the bags that speckled egg

sent my purchases in.

they look like old 1900's catalog paper.

Vintage wall paper, organza ribbons.

Then i sprayed them down with

" pearl glimmer mist"

Hope you likey gals!

Well Ladies it's Friday!

Hope everyone has a

fabulous EASTER weekend!

Don't eat to many peeps!

you'll turn into on!

Tee Hee




Bunny B said...

Hi Jessi, Happy Easter! You're such a kind and sweet soul!! Take care.

Mrs. Cherry Heart said...

Two thumbs up to you girl!
I love my hippity hoppity gifty from you! You are so creative!!!!

Glad you got the green light to go go goooooooo!

Have a super fun Easter,

Unknown said...

I'm so glad you got a clean bill of health! I love your mini book for the Hippity Hop Swap. I haven't received my package yet as we have snail mail in Canada. Hope you have a great Easter! Sandyxox

Anonymous said...

hey, I was #10 in the green group... how bout that? Wishing you and yours the best Easter ever and great news about your check up Yipeee

kami @ said...

Happy Easter Weekend! That Peeps costume is hilarious! :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Happy Easter Jessi! I have so much fun visiting your uplifting blog!

Heather - Speckled Egg said...

Happy Easter, Jessi!!!!
Hope you have a fabulous weekend!

PS. My daughter is here jumping up and down, insisting that I find her that peeps costume! LOL. She's just a little obsessed with them!!!

Lori said...

Jessi, so glad you got the green light:) LOVE your goodies from Cindy, how sweet!!! and...the goodies from the hippity hop swap are ALL so so so sweet!!!

Alison Gibbs said...

Great news that your check up was ok. Loving that Tag gate, it is getting so full.
All your swap goodies are wonderful.
Happy Easter

Saucy said...

I totally knew you would love "Enchanted"! It is so darn cute.

Can you fire me your snail mail please Miss Jess at:


Victoria - Florence and Mary said...

Hi Jessi,

Glad you got the all ok on your check up!

I love the film Enchanted too, only 2 weeks till it's released to by in the UK.

Thanks for stopping by my blog,

Victoria xx

Jeanne said...

I just love your blog Jessi! If I ever need a boost, I go straight to your blog because it is always filled with sunshine and smiles! Love all your swap gifts...wish we could have been in ALL the groups cause you got some cool stuff girl!
So happy that your check-up went well. . .all systems go now, right?
Take care and have a wonderful Easter!

Anonymous said...

Hey Jessi! So glad to hear your doctor's appointment went well! I just love all your eye candy you share on your blog and that Peeps pic is the cutest! Happy Easter!

Dena Rooney-Berg (SugarShop) said...

OMG I love the peeps costume. Hmmm do you think my 6 year old would wear that next Halloween? Lol, not a chance. I want to see Enchanted maybe I'll sneak it in on our trip to our cabin next week and make the hubs watch it with me. Happy Easter lady!

mushroommeadows said...

Yay for a clean check-up!!! You're too cute.

And what amazing tags...all of them. :)

Happy Easter! :D

Dede Warren said...

Hoppy Easter to you sweet girl! Glad your check up was a success, and all is well. Love your tag gate, it sure is getting full of fluffy, pink goodness.

bluemuf said...

Jessi, Have a Happy Easter. I've enjoyed seeing all the beautiful goodies you received.


Boxwood Cottage said...

Go the green light!!
I spotted my little paper dress on your tag wall :)
Have a very happy Easter weekend dear Jessi!
Hugs Carol xox

Amy said...

So glad to hear that you had a totally great checkup. Love your Easter goodies. The "peep" photo is just so funny. Have a great Easter! Amy

Sugar Bear said...

Happy Easter Jessi! Couldn't agree more with your new favorite movie!

Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

I am thrilled about the news from your drs. visit...Happy Easter...Mary

Unknown said...

Love everything as always! Hope you and your beautiful family have a wonderful Easter!

Glad the doctor visit went well!

kecia deveney said...

you are so nice going to find that book end! what a kind thing to do.


I'm glad you got my package. I think of you every time I look at my matching crowns! I just this second finished watching Enchanted. I loved it. Both my husband and son fell asleep. I guess it's a girl's movie.

Sherry said...

Glad to hear that your check up went well!!

Amy A said...

Wow your gate is getting full! soon you'll need a whole fence lol!