Sunday, April 13, 2008

Toys, Tags, & Barbies to boot!!!

Good day ladies!

I have a TON to share with you!

Please Join Me May 1st

"Favorite Childhood Toys!"

Pictures of you with your toys


pictures of toys you played with!

please e-mail

if you want to play!!!

Use this as your blog button!


This was such a fun swap!!!
My partner was Natalea

Looky what she sent me!!!

I LOVE it!!! so so cute!!!!

crowns, candy, glitter, what else could a girl ask for?

nothin! thanks for the extras too!

Heres what i sent our lovely hostess TAMY

She's such a sweetie!

This is what i made for Natalea.

Natalea wanted pink & aqua.

she also wanted a banner for her daughter Scarletts 3rd Birthday.
I hope they love it!
It was so fun to make!!

Barbie Time!!!

Guess who has a "NEW" Gate

Ok so it's allready full!

What did you expect???
im on the lookout for a bigger one.

I made this tag yesterday!

she's a beauty!

My friend Victoria

sent me the best package the other day!!!


Is all i can say!

i adore every bit of my barbie box!!!


Tags, Tags & more Tags!

I did a swap with super cute jenny.

this is what i sent her.

she wanted blues and whites.

and a few little extras!

Here's what Jenny sent me!

Thanks sweetie i love them!!!

My Gorgeous friend MIES from Holland

sent me a little suprise package!

What a doll! Just because!

Beth & Karla

AKA: Party girls.

Beth sent me a tag for my gate.

so cute!!!

Karla is such a sweetie!

Her aunt is turning 100.

she put a call out for anyone to make, and send a birthday card to her for her Aunt Carloline!

This is my card im sending!!!

Speaking of these 2 party girls

Beth & Karla

Have a new swap!

Check it out!

it's a great one!!!

Last but not least!

Teresa is hosting a new zine!

Casa Bella!

starts April 14th runs to May 9th.

2 guest artists!

so much fun!!

Thanks all you cuties!

Have a Super Week!


if you want to come to the Toy Party

please e mail me at

and i will add you to the list.

It is going to be so much fun!




Doe said...

Love, love, love everything here. You guys are so talented! I adore Barbie dolls especially the vintage ones. They don't make 'em like they used to, do they? Still, she's definitely a fashion icon.

Thanks for visiting my blog.

Michelle said...

Wow, what a great post! You had a really great mail week! Gorgeous stuff you lucky girl! Loving that Barbie goodness!

Unknown said...

What a fun post! I love all of your new Barbie goodies!!!


Heidi said...

Jessi! So much to see here today! I love the " cake.." tag you made, adorable!

Victoria - Florence and Mary said...

Glad you loved your Barbie box! My tags arrived in the mail yesterday... WOW... they are fantastic! Love them!

Thank you

Victoria xx

Alison Gibbs said...

HI Jessi great post. So many pretties and a 'new' gate - cute!
Love the Favorite Toys idea

Mya said...

Your blog looks wonderful, so much fun to look at. Love your tags and the b-day card is great! I just might email you and join the toy party sounds like fun! Thank you for the comment you left on my seascapes. Gotta love Barbie!

Michelle said...

Hey there! Oh how I wish I could come to your toy party!!!!! Sounds like sooo much fun! I will search for a picture of me with any toys.
Oh and I really really loved the celebrate tag you got, you lucky girl!!!
Have a great week!!!

Jennifer said...

jessi, wow you did have a lot to share! how very fun! i'm glad you have so many friends who love you. you are so sweet.


mendytexas said...

I saw that new zine too...looks fabu! You sure had a great mail week, huh! What a load of goodies!! Love the Barbie. A friend of mine said they had really beautiful limited edition vintage barbie prints at ZGallery. I bet you'd love those! Do you have that store there? :) Mendy

Lisa Renéa said...

Jessi, I had to get a few minutes to really check out your blog! It's fresh, fun and fabulous! Your Barbie art is rockin'! (don't we all looove Barbie?) Thank you for visiting my blog. Love your blog! said...

LOVE the card you made for Caroline!! How cute!!! And thanks for telling people about that and about our swap. It should be a fun swap! Glad you are in it!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessi,

Thank you for stopping by;-)) I haven't forgot about the naming for my baby doll during the "doll challenge"...I am leaning toward YOU!! I really am, I will let you know when I post it OK;-))

I love everything you posted here today. Such "eye candy" so delicious, looks like you all did good with your swaps.


Anonymous said...

"oh, and I have to say, you are just one busy girl." I love your card you make you are such an inspiration. I have to make some myself also for a "mothers day" swap I am in!


Anonymous said...

good lord! your post is chock full of goodness and fab eye candy!!
I LOVE your banner for Natalea, I LOVE your let them eat cake tag and all the goodies you sent me too!
count me in on your childhood toys party....
you are awesome!!
have a great week.

Unknown said...

Your posts are always filled with so much delight. I love all your treasures, and your Barbie Love. I would love to join in on May 1, so I will be e-mailing you. Thank you for all the reminders too. Karen

ThePeachTree said...

I got lost in all of these amazing creations! So great to have found you!!

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

Jessi! I saw the photos of all your favorite toys and I recognized all of them! Some I hadn't seen for years! Great fun. I wish I had time to play your fun games, but alas, I do not. I just come to see how much fun you are having, and then I have to head off to my own little world of fun. Different, but still fun (maybe slightly less fun)!

Happy day! I'm still enjoying all of my fun Scrappy Winnings!


Cindy said...

What fun things that you Sent and Received! : ) Oh I'm so excited you are joining Beth and Karla's swap for Bird's and Bonnets...that will be fun, I just signed up too! Love the card you did for her Auntie...too cute!


Cathy ~ Tadpoles and Teacups said...

Another fun stop by your blog! So much to see. I love the vintage Barbie.

Rosa said...

Hi Jessi,
Lots of eye candy as always. You are definitely the Tag Princess.
I've invited you on my blog to play the "Six Words Memoir" game. Please check it out!

Kimla Kay said...

So many cute things to look at...your blog really pops with amazing color. I too played with many of the toys you played with...the dog on wheels, the telephone (a classic) and of course the Fisher Price people. Oh, what great memories.

Jennifer Hayslip said...

Big Sis can I have your hand me down Barbies?? hee! hee! Omigosh! You are the Barbie QUEEEN!I ADORE the gate and I totally spied the belt buckle. ;) Love the CELEBRATE banner you made. Just full of sweet little tid bits of fun!!!
Count me in for the Favorite Childhood TOY party! Boy have I got some old 1970's pics of me playing with my toys that will be fun to share. HEE! HEE! HUGS!XOXO

Joy Jones said...

ooooh my gosh!!! I just posted a picture of "Glenda the Good Witch Barbie" on my Studio Tour, tonight!!! I LOVE Barbie and was tickled to see her here tonight!!! xoxo ~ Joy

Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

Jessi, you read my mind!!! Oh, yes, I will join your favorite childhood toy party! I was wanting to do that, too! YIPPEE!!!!!!!

Love the Celebrate banner you made ~ perfect colors & any little girl named Scarlett must be a doll to design for!

Angelic Accents

black eyed susans kitchen said...

Jessi, you always leave me breathless! So much eye candy. I was given the first barbie ever on my 5th birthday. Yup, she had holes in her feet and wore that striped bathing suit and had a pony tail. I loved her until she was no more, and don't even get me started on her clothes. I often wish I still had it all today.Susan

Amy said...

Love your goodies. I especially love all the Barbie stuff. You can never have enough of that. Enjoy! Amy

Mosaic*Queen said...

Great Stuff!!



Anonymous said...

Well, well, well, if it isn't the busy little Jessi! As I traveled in blogland this morning, to visit everywhere that I had missed will sick, I found your little paw prints everywhere!!! You must have been one step ahead of me! So efficient you are! And your blog looks great always. I had some customers come into my shop the other day and said that they had visited your blog via mine and that yours was their favorite.

Sandy McTier Designs said...

Hi Jessi,
Wow! What wonderful things you received and LOVE the celebrate that you created!
So wish I had kept all of my barbie stuff!
Have a wonderful week.
PS Come on over and enter my 300th post giveaway!

Tizzalicious said...

I love it all!

blessings said...

Boy that "celebrate" sign must have taken forever. Look at all the details! Lots of great stuff to look at today. Thanks. Blessings... Polly

Penny from Enjoying The Simple Things said...

How fun this all is!

Diane Mars said...

Wow what wonderful swaps you and your blog friends had, looks like you scored (:
Hugs, Diane

Dream Keyper said...

So much fun - You guys are so creative- Love your stuff! Join us for our "Beautiful Day" giveaway-

Cathy said...


what a wonderful post. But.... I am so darn jealous. I can't believe all the goodies here. It was like walking into a candy store. I want it all!!!

Just great, great goodies. Thanks for all the eye candy.


Scooterblu's Whimsy~Rhonda said...

Jessi, So glad you stopped by my blog, it led me here and I had a ball, viewing your creative and fun! I'm leaving with a smile! I love all of your tags!!! Now, not to sound stupid, but what do you do with all of them....scrapbooks??? They are so just amazing!!! ....Also, I love your vintage cake topper...that is so sweet and pretty!

Thanks for the sweet comments on my blog! Come back again...and I will be returning for a visit soon! ~Rhonda :)

Pinkie Denise said...

Hello Jessi,
love all your Barbies, you are certainly a Barbie Girl! I had tons of Barbies growing up wish I had them. Having three girls all about the same age, I was always stepping on Barbie shoes...Pinkie Denise

Anonymous said...

Love your blog! Your Barbie gate is wonderful (along with all of your other goodies)!