Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Stockings & Awards!

Happy Hump Day!

Were just 2 days away till Halloween.
So exciting. I can't wait to see all the little kids all dressed up. My high schooler's just don't dress up anymore.

They grow up so dang fast!

New stockings in the store!

i LOVE these.

they are 9 inch's long.
w/o the tulle.

made with:

vintage wallpaper
vintage trims,
vintage jewelry

vintage music paper

and sweet tulle.
I want to keep them all.


The past few weeks i have been the proud recipient of a few blog awards!


Thank you ladies!

I'm very touched by all your sweetness!

Stay tuned!!!

I have the best Barbie tribute pictures.

carved pumpkins,

and a few more things I've been working on.


The Oct/Nov Giveaway is coming!




Sugar Bear said...

Such cute stockings!

Heidi said...

Darling stockings! Love the added *bling*! Congrats on all those awards!

Britt- Sparkled Vintage Charm said...

adorable stockings sweets!! love them!! Hope you have a fabulous day!! hugs!! Britt :-)

Simply Me Art said...

Love the Stockings! Wow...I see your Barbie made it to you! You girls are Adorable. Have a Great Halloween!! Jamie

Unknown said...

Hi Jessi! Congratulations on the awards :) You deserve the mall :)

LOVE the stockings!! I cant believe Christmas is almost here already! It seems like school just got out for summer, lol!

Unknown said...

Them all, not the mall, lol!

3rdEyeMuse said...

haya, Jessi - thanks for dropping by. :) I adore these little stockings and your sweet houses in the previous post. you have a way of making life seem even sweeter. :)

sherry said...

These stockings are so sweet

Holly Loves Art said...

Busy-busy Jessi! What cute stockings... and all your fun posts below. I can't believe I missed all those. The houses are so adorable and the little doll-baby below is precious. You're right she is quite a cutie-pie.

Hope you're having a fun week.


{oc cottage} said...

Suuuuuuuuuuuch cuteness!!

M ^..^

Babz said...

Love the new stockings! And why aren't the high schoolers dressing up? That was the funniest time when I was I was a little younger haha. Congrats on the awards ;)

Saucy said...

You are in hyper-productivity mode these days! Keep it coming!

Bristol said...

Jessi- I really like the stockings you created. I love the detail at the top, very cute~ It sounds like you are really enjoying the etsy shop!

Kara Ward said...

Super sweet stockings...the wall paper is just lovely...Kara