Friday, October 24, 2008

Super Sugary Sweet!

Happy Friday!!

Im so excited it's the weekend!!

As promised the sweetest post of all time!!!

Many many months ago i sent my Friend KIMLA, and her new baby girl Amelie a little gift.

OK, how stinken cute is she? I love her. What a doll, just like her momma.


Kari, Donna, and Me

had Natasha Burns paint her a special print.



What a doll!

she's so darling, and as sweet as sugar!!

What a beauty!

Just like her Beautiful momma!

This is Me and Kimla at Silver Bella last November.

Miss ya doll!!!




Unknown said...

That has to be the cutest baby girl I have ever seen!! LOVE that dress Jessi, what a little princess she is in it. Did you make it? How sweet of you to get together and have Natasha paint it! It will be so special to them both!


Sugar Bear said...

Such a wonderful thing for you to do! You are such a doll.

Anonymous said...

OMG! how adorable is that?!!!! too cute! xo natalea

Natasha Burns said...

The most gorgeous dress and thent he most gorgeous baby in that dress, you are so sweet Jessi! So glad you like the painting : ) xo

Heidi said...

Sugary sweet, indeed!!!

Have a good weekend!


Monica said...

I saw this over on Natashas too!
Sch a beautiful piece of work and so sweet and thoughtful of you all! I love love the color combo and of course she is the SWEETEST little subject!
have a fab weekend :)

teacupsandpoodles said...

She is so sweet!!!! Such a lovely gift. Hey I like your blog banner also it is so cute!
Mary Ann

suzeeez said...

She really is a beautiful little girl. :o) Sue

Maija said...

All beautiful, Jessi! The dress, the painting and that beautiful baby!!!!

Staci Danford said...

That baby girl is precious, the dress in darling, and together they are just incredible. Love the print you guys made for her, and I'm sure her mother adores it. Made me smile all over. So sweet....

Robyn said...

How incredibly precious she is! So beautiful!! Sweet painting that will become a wonderful keepsake. Have a great weekend!

Unknown said...

That baby girl is so precious, sweet and adorable! I saw this over on Natasha's blog and it's so sweet!

Andrea said...

That is so awesome, Natasha paints the prettiest things!

Unknown said...

OMG!!!!! How stinkin' cute is that baby, dress, painting!!!! Love it!!!!!

Bristol said...

Jessi~ What a sweet and thoughtful gift~ Kimla is so sweet
and her baby is beautiful. Love all the suff you have going on in your etsy shop.

blingqueen said...

OMG, Ok, I just want nibble on those itty bitty baby toes!!! That beautiful baby put the biggest smile on my face just now!!!

Thank you for showing her!!


Lori said...

OHMY!!! that baby is just precious...i love that dress you bought for her, and Natasha really worked her magic recreating it for you to give to the lucky mama!!!

Sara's Sweet Surprise said...
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Sara's Sweet Surprise said...

All the pretties you and the girls, Nantasha, Chery ,Jenn, gathered together with so much thought and love into this precious shower of gifts. I'm sure your friend will treasure forever. This sweet pic captures this little dolls joy, soooo adorable!!

Sweet Wishes,

Barbara said...

awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!! no more like
soooo frickin cute!!!! full of sugar sweetness!!!!

Kimla Kay said...

Jessi, this was the most awesome and special surprise! As you can see, the doodle bug is still working her ballerina dress. The painting is oh so charming and I will treasure it always. Thank YOU and Kari and Donna and Natasha so very, very much!! big hug, Kimla p.s. going to miss seeing you at Silver Bella this year