Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Im so lucky!!!

This Friday the 5th
Cookie Party!!!

I feel so Lucky!!

To have such great friends!!

My Birthday is next Monday, and the gifts are allready starting to roll in.

I love it all!!

I love my ribbon, and the shoe, out of this world.

Thanks doll!!

A totally "sweet" kit.

Thanks sweets.
i adore it!!!

Gift from Jenny.....

Speechless! Yes , i know that hardly ever happens.

Thanks so much!! I love my Barbie book!! it's in mint condition.

My BFF Tiffany's gifts....

(This is for my birthday and christmas!!)

How FANTASTIC are my new villages!!

I love them.

Tiff and i have been collecting Department 56 for about 11 years.

We always get each other Dept 56 for gifts.




The "Cookie Party" is this Friday!!

So stop by for some yummy recipies.

I will have links to all the girls that are playing along. about 40.

i'm sure you will find some sweet new recipies to try this year!!!


Also... Sweet Maria is hosting the holiday home tour this year.

Now ya know i will be there with bells on!!

Lots of new decorations, and villages this year!!!

see ya'all Friday!!




*SHeRRy B* said...

Wow! Nice presents!

Britt- Sparkled Vintage Charm said...

oooh!! how exciting that your bday is coming up!! I will so have to actually get the things I have made you sent off (one of these days! I promise!! lol. I am such a slacker lately!!) I hope you have a fabulous night!!! big hugs!! xo Britt :-)

Birds of a Feather said...

hey sweetie ~

i got a little giftie in the mail...and i love and will treasure each and every one! you totally spoil me! i collect those ornies and well the feather stamp will be used endlessly!

thanks a bunch!
~ heidi

p.s. i'd love to join in on the cookie exchange...hope i'm not too late - tee hee!

Lori said...

you DO have great friends:) that is nice that you are already receiving such sweet gifts...

Unknown said...

Hi Jessi! I LOVE all of your birthday goodies :) I ONLY wear VS Pink! LOVE it!

Happy Birthday :) You deserve it all, your such a sweetie!


Maija said...

I have collected the Dept 56 village houses for a few years, and I'm already out of space for them! where on earth do you display 11 years worth!!

Anonymous said...

No!!! I AM LUCKY!!! I came home late from the office and there was a little box from YOU!!! Thank you so much (Christina Applegate!). The crown, cherub and all were a perfect way to end my long day. You are the queen of generosity (and ever-changing banners!)
You're a doll!

LiLi M. said...

That banner is sooo cute! And those gifts, you deserve them! Have fun tomorrow! I'll be checking in on Saturday!

Yin said...

Hooray for cookies and birthdays!

And, I am so loving your barbie dollhouse!!

m i c h e l l e said...

Happy Birthday Jessi! SO many goodies and treats!!! See you tomorrow! XO

Jenny said...

How cool!!! I got named on your blog!!!I am sooooo glad you liked your book!! I knew it was for you as soon as I saw it!! Can't wait to see the cookies tomorrow!! I will post mine in the afternoon!!

Sondra Behne' said...

Hello Jessie

So happy I have stumbled across your blog. I have been reading over someof you post to this point so far. Will be bookmarking you so I can come back later for the rest.

Your blog is just delightful in so many ways....your a doll.