Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Marie Girls.

My next Adventure is in March!
Go and check out KIMS blog for all the details.

Kim & Candice

Me & Julie

Me & Cheryl

Maija & Kelly

Kim & Cheryl

Me & Kelly

Maija & Julie

Me & Christine

Me & Maija

Christine & Maija

Me & Holly

Tamy, PJ, Kelly & Valerie

My Table

Joy & Kelly

The Vendors

Kim,Jaimie,Kristen, Kim,Ruth,and Rosemary

Kristen Robinson

My Table

The Middle Table girls

The First Table

The Kitchen Girls

Tami & Valerie

Ruth Rae

Kim & Alice

Kim & Candice

Holly and her Marie doll


What a fun day.

Next up the shopping & the Gifts.

Rose Bowl & Zinnea.




Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Jessi, this looks like so much FUN and I recognize some smiling faces in your photos. What a great time for all.


Maria said...

Jessi, looks like you all had such a wonderful time.

Unknown said...

What a bunch of gorgeous girls, I love it! Everything is over the top beautiful!! It looks like so much fun!!


Victoria - Florence and Mary said...

You girls all look like you had great fun together

Victoria x

Maija said...

You got so many great photos, Jessi!!! Unfortunately, I can see my healing coldsore in almost every one!
Shit, I hope you can go to the event in May! That's the next one I'll be able to go to!

Unknown said...
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Simply Me Art said...

Great Shots.. Aaaa I miss last weekend..Have a Blast in March, Im sure It will be over the Top. Jamie

Andrea said...

Looks like a super fabulous time! xoxo Andrea

Unknown said...

What a fabulous event to attend! You gals are so lucky! It just looks like a wonderful thing to participate in. Thanks for sharing. :)

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