Monday, January 19, 2009

Ode to Winston!!

This is a post for my second favorite dog.
(sorry Skylar)

Kim Caldwells Dog
(Ok so he wants to be my dog. tee hee)

Im going home with Scrappy Jessi!




Kim Caldwell said...

Ohhh, there's my cutie. How sweet is that first picture of the two of you! He is such a lover. . . I will make sure to show him!

Hugs, Kim

Pearl said...


What an adorable face Winston has! These photos are precious... I ♥ the one of him by the suitcases... tee~heeee!


vivian said...

I thought he was your dog! now jesse, you mustnt steal your girlfriends doggy! thats just not right! hehe.. he is adorable though!


Oh he is sooo cute. Our Cavalier is a Blenheim, but my husband wants a Tri-Colored like Winston.

Maija said...

You are always charming your hosts dogs!!!

The Vintage Vagablonde said...

You have more fun then any gal I know....such is the life of a Barbie!!!

Shopping and the ROSE BOWL....plans to go this spring.

Cute black your taste:)

Birds of a Feather said...

too cute ~ both of you!
i see you all over the blogs ~ girl you get around! loving seeing all the fun you have been up to, while we are in hibernation here - brrr!

xo heidi

Jenny said...

In that first picture I thought she was a stuffed animal!! Wow! SOooo cute! And I cannot wait to see you boutique!! said...

He's a pretty baby!

Unknown said...

SOOOO cute!! I have my babies on my post today too!


Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

What an adorable pooch! Love his eyes & silky coat! My doggie pics always seem to get the most comments.

Big TX Hugs,
Angelic Accents

Elizabeth said...

Awwww it's a tri! Love your friend's little guy.I have a cavalier too! Come see my sweet Bentley.

Chelsea Van Tol said...

awwwww what a little sweetheart

Holly Loves Art said...

oooh... well you know he is my 2nd favorite four-legged lovable doggy too! What a bunch of cute pictures!

Anonymous said...

He is beautiful!!

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