Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Fav Things

Hey dolls!

Hope everyone is having a FABULOUS week.

Here are a few of my
things this week.


New Hello Kitty line!so cute!

My new Juicy set. i love the perfume, it has a mini lipstick charm! Darling. I love this scent for spring.

I love these. im addicted to them. They are a lipstain marker. so great. a little chapstick over them your good to go all day!!! I have 3 of them.

I'm loving this Aveda color conserve line.

smells wonderful. I love Aveda products. I have been hooked since i was a teenager.

I haven't smelled this perfume yet.


I had a lady from California buy all my Vanity trays. They will be used in all the True Religian boutiques. SO COOL!

New Betsey Johnson Bikinis. i'm going to mix and match them. I love them!!!!

Have a Fantabulous week!!!




Victoria - Florence and Mary said...

We're waiting for the Mac Hello Kitty line to hit the UK! One of my friends is such a good customer of there's he's phoning her for previews! Can't wait!!!

Victoria xxx

Stacy/Creativemuse said...

WOW You have been shopping! Love those bikins SUPER CUTE and you have definately got the figure for it doll! You know I have a wonderful friend that is into Barbies here in Cali I should get you two Hooked up. SHe does a charity work with her Barbies she gets donations and then makes clothes and gives to girls in need of a Barbie! her name is Kay
let me know if you want to connect!
Love to you
Ps I have new blog too!
hehe I'm a follower too!

Anonymous said...

Jessi I love your vanity trays! I see one of those in my future! P.S. Check out the Jessica Simpson Swim 09, I think you'll love it! JS and Betsey are my favs!

Anonymous said...

HA! I bought the MAC line AND the Hello Kitty doll too at Nordies! MY BAD!! But it rocks!!!!!!!! haha

Unknown said...

I just love when you show us the lastest coolest products! Those bikinis are adorable!


Grace said...

I love the Mac Hello Kitty at Henri Bendell in NYC they had a huge event so much fun (I blogged)! I thought of you and Barbie is 50 this year and she looks awesome I can't wait to see what they come up with..Love your blog posts you are a cutie! Hugs Grace xoxoxxoxxoxox

Anonymous said...