Friday, February 13, 2009

Love is in the Air!

Happy Valentines Day!

Gifts from my Hubby!

(Um duh!)

I Heart Juicy!
(he's well trained! tee hee)
(cupecake dd)

I die!
i LOVE it!
thanks sweets!!!!
Gifts from MAIJA!

Again, i die!
i love all my goodies!
we both have beagles.
The body butter and oil are from one of our fav stores Frances. YUMMY!
gorgeous candy jewels.
a new font for my quick cuts.
some super cute notepads!
yummy peanuts.
and... a gorgoeus envelope case for my mini pc.
Maija sewed it!!!
i ADORE it!!
Thanks Lovey!!!
See ya soon doll.
Hope everyone has a Fabulous love filled weekend!
see ya'all soon!


Kimberly said...

Really enjoyed looking at your display. Thank you for posting pics that could be enlarged to take in all the yummy pink and red detail! :)

Unknown said...

JESSI!!! You have the best Valentine's decor I have ever seen! I love the septor and the frozen Charlotte angels, gorgeous!! AND, we both love Beagles!!!! I have a beagle, german shepherd mix and I just love her so much! Your Skyler is so CUTE!! I could just kiss her, lol! Beautiful decor Jessi. I love that cake in the cloche too! And i have that same pink tree, lol! Your hubby rocks!!

Love ya,

LiLi M. said...

Your Valentine's day starts great! I would faint if I only see the paper bag of Juicy, let alone the bag inside!! Your deco is amazing and you have been spoiled by your friends...what better could tomorrow bring ;-)?
Anyhow enjoy your day, tomorrow!

pinkroses said...

Happy Valentine's Day Jessi!
xo Suzanne

Aunt Nancy said...

Hi Jessi! I received my apron yesterday...LOVE IT! It's just too cute to risk ruining when cooking so I made reservations instead. Happy Valentine's Day! Nancy

Aunt Nancy said...

Oh,ha ha, I just realized my name is "Aunt Nancy" on here. I use this account to keep up with my baby niece's blog. Oh, well.

Holly Loves Art said...

Hi Cutie!

Happy Valentine's Day... such pretty things you've shared here. Looks like fun!


Kristie said...

Ok Jessi so tell me how you already have your Valentines gifts from your husband when Valentines isnt until tomorrow?! You are SO spoiled and I am SO jealous!!!

Jennifer said...

Love your Valentines display!! SO many yummy goodies :) You have your hubby well trained.. mines getting there ;)

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Happy Valentine's Day Jessi! love your Barbie poster!

Victoria - Florence and Mary said...

I can feel the love even in the UK!

You certainly do have your hubby well trained, FAB bag.

Have a fabulous weekend,

Happy Valentine's Day

Victoria xxx

Elizabeth said...

Ohhh how wonderful. Happy Valentine's Day!

Maija said...

I remembered that you liked nuts like I do, so I ordered a bag for you when I ordered mine! Scout kept pulling the bag out of the box on the dining room table and she was dragging it around the house! Just in case you see any doggie bite marks......
Your Valentine house looks fabulous, and hubby did good!

Rose Garden Romantic said...

Hi Jessi!! LOVE your sweet Valentine's decor!!!

Debbies Doodle said...

Happy Valentines Day

Skinny and Sober said...

beautiful home - wonderful hubby!
what a lucky girl you are!
but i still hate you!
just when i think i decorated cute....
i realize - i have a long way to go to get to
your level!
you have true TALENT!
happy valentines : ) )
kisses and cupcakes,

Birds of a Feather said...

hi sweetie ~

what a lovely feast of treasures - yum! have a lovely day with your sweets!

xo heidi

Anonymous said...

omg GIRL! I thought I was the Queen of Pink! damn!
You deserve all of it baby!!!! xOxO

carlene federer said...

Great Valentines display! And you made out like a bandit from hubby, good for you! ;)