Sunday, April 5, 2009

Cute shops!!!!

Hola Chica's!!!

Happy Sunday

I'm going to share some of my favorite purchases and shops today!!!

Joy is the sweetest!!!

Check her out!

2. Natalie Hansen

How stinken cute is this necklace.

All of her pieces are one of a kind.

She is an amaizing artist!

I adore my new necklace.

3. Anthropologie

I bought these dresses for my little Sissy's event in May

Savannah and Macon Georgia.

Im so excited to go for this southern belle weekend!!!
I think these dress's will be perfect!
see ya'all real soon


Joy @The Vintage Rabbit said...

Yeah! I am glad you got it!!!! Don't forget to model it! and send it to me!!!!

Lori said...

you are going to look so cute floating through Georgia wearing your new dresses!!!

Audra, Green Meadow Lane said...

What fantastic finds! You must be a blast to shop with. You go girl!

maryboys said...

so much eye candy:) i can't wait to see photos from the event!

Pink Slippers said...

Shopping is SO MUCH FUN!


Unknown said...

Oh my gosh, I love it all Jessi!! I really want that shirt! It would have been so fun to buy new clothes for Jenn's event! I love your dresses!


Maija said...

I also have Joy's tee- it is so soft and delicious!