Friday, July 24, 2009

Big Bear Cont....

On with the show...

Kim's Gifts

Loads of gifts

Sweet apron Jamie had Holly make.

These 2 are from me!

Bag from Gina

Shadowbox from Christine.

Tons of sweet treats!!!


The classes & teachers

Holly's Class

A sweet Banner

EEEKKKK these are name tags!!!


My banner not yet completed

These are 2 of Hollys banners.

Christine's Class
"Woodland fairy hideaway"

Holly & Christine


Kim's Class

a gorgeous wall hanging

Mine is a work in progress.

i will post it when im done. it's in the mail coming home to me.

These were really fun, everyones turned out Gorgeous

~The food~

we all paired up in 2's and we each made one meal over the weekend.

My partner was Jenny.

We did lunch on Saturday.

2 salads, some crusty bread, and chocolate chip cookies!

Later that night, after our Pizza Party at the scrapbook store, we came home to a

Ice Cream Sundae Bar!


Thanks Girls for making my weekend magical!

I MISS all of you allready!

Thanks Kim for the incredible weekend!!

Your the Best!




Simply Me Art said...

Wasn't it like Christmas with all those gifts? Loved it...I can't believe it was a week ago already. Hope it becomes a annual tradition.. Have a Great weekend, Jamie

LiLi M. said...

What a great weekend, the gifts, the crafts, the friendship and the food yummy! Now I want to wish you another great weekend, or perhaps I should wish you a quiet one, so you can enjoy the memories!

Anonymous said...

Hey chickadee! looks like you had a blast!! I am so jealous you get to go to all these events! can ya sneak me in your suitcase a couple times! haha Big hugs


Unknown said...

Eeeeek what fun and what cool classes!!! I am thrilled we'll get to see eachother at Art Affaire in September!!!!!!


vivian said...

YOu always have the best times dont you!? Everything looked perfect. Its so much fun to be creative and to create things with other women who love to do the same!
glad you had a good time!

Kara Ward said...

Looks so marvelous! Love the projects! See you soon!

mendytexas said...

Just incredible!! My mouth is still all the goodies and the classes...and the!!! :)mendy

gabrielle said...

what a beautiful weekend!