Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Last day in LA

Hey Dolls!!!

Hope everyone is having a Fabulous week!!!

So.... The last day in LA I went downtown to the "Garment District"


So many awesome stores full of vintage trims, beads, seam binding, and Millinery!

I went crazy!!!

Kim and I met up with Christine and Holly!

We went to "Bohemian Bead"

Ummm Hello!!!! Look at all the gorgeous beads and crystals etc...I even got swaraski crystals by the foot!


I bought a ton of stuff to make some altered rosary bottles. Like the one i made for Jenny in our swap.

So keep your eyes open they will be appearing in my shop soon!!!

Next stop was a Vintage Millinery Shop!

Again I went bonkers!

I bought a ton of GORGEOUS millinery flowers and several yummy colors of seam binding!

Girls "NEW" Headbands are being made as we speak.

EEEKKK!!! i want to keep all of them!

Then i saw my future right before my eyes.

tee hee

Just Imagine... This could be MY warehouse stocked full of vintage treats and treasures!!!

OK it's just a thought?

Next we went to lunch at this darling restaurant

"Tiara Cafe"

Again, Hello? could we have picked a more perfect place to have lunch? i think not. It was delish!

Then the day had to come to an end, off to the airport i must go!

But... I will be back in September!

Can't wait to play again!

See Y'all real soon!




Lori said...

a VINTAGE MILLINERY SHOP!!! are you kidding me? i am giddy just thinking about it...i would have probably had a heart attack!!! LUCKY YOU...i bet you found all sorts of yummy stiff there!!!

Lori said...




Maija said...

Let me know when you get those headbands up sweet girl!

mendytexas said...

I think I'd faint in those stores! One reminds me of that SAS store in AZ. I loved it there! I'm so jealous!! Hugs cutie....:)mendy

NicNacManiac said...

WOW...fun times!! These stores all looked so awesome....shoppers paradise!! Your bottle is adorable and can hardly wait to see them up on your site!!
Enjoy the rest of your day!!
Hugs xOxO Nerina :)

Mrs D's Recipes For Life said...

I love L.A.
I was there in October and have been dreaming of going back as soon as I can!
You have just made my dreamin 100 times worse! What fantastic shops!
Worth the 11 hour flight just for those!
I will soooo be checking out your store!


Kelly xx

Unknown said...

OK!! I NEED to go to that Vintage Millinery Shop!! Where exactly is it??!!
xoxo, ~Julie

Sue said...

Oh man - an entire shop devoted to vintage millinery? I would never leave! Why can't I find something like that here on the east coast?? California is so far away - although I do have 2 brothers living there....hmmmmm

I look forward to meeting you at Silver Bella this year!

Sue E.