Monday, October 19, 2009

Shopping & Gifts

Happy Monday All!!!

Whe I was in LA, I of course did some shopping. I also received some lovely gifts.
Thanks girls

From Kristen  Robinson

From Julie Weller

from Susie Scott

from Teresa Rodriguz

From Kimberlee Edgar

From Kim Caldwell

Thanks cuties!!
 I love everything!

Did a little shopping too.

Rodger's Gardens


Love my new boots!

stuff from Tricia Samsal

vintage sheet music

new doll head

some fun new papers!!!

This past week i also received some gifts in the mail.
woo hoo
Im hosting a Bella Book Swap.
It is going to be

Fabulous gifts from Karla Nathan.
I love it all!!!
i'm going to use the book as an autograph book at silver bella!
Love That!!!

Super gorgeous Cavallini file folders.
Andrea Singarella

Thanks Bella's!

My super cute new Hungarian friend
Cat Ihasz
Thanks sweets.

Holy Spookoly!!!
these are from the super talented
Kris Hurst.
Love ya Doll.

Thank you to all of you cuties.
I Love all my gifts!!
You are all amazing!!!

Next up.......

 Scrappy Jessi Fav Finds
Stay tuned.....



♥zoe♥ said...

Hello Jessi!
Wauuuuuuu*AMAZING GIFTS* and your shopping finds & boots ROCK!!! I love the fin new papers you purchased its so beautiful and feel like french inspired papers too*teehee* eye candy full loaded post:)

Come back again!
Zoe said...

Jessi! You are going to have to get a bigger house just for the all the gifts you get when you are on one of your crafting adventures! Fabulous stuff! Rachaelxo

Victoria - Florence and Mary said...

You gals are so kind to one another!

Love the Anthropologie boots, we have a store opening in London on Friday - can't wait

Victoria xx

Lori said...

hee hee, i was just thinking the same things that Rachael said...that is A LOT of gifties you got there girlie...what great friends...LOVE your new boots...cute!!!

Sheila said...

Great gifts and i love your sign in book .. LOts of great things to look forward to with all the trinkets you got. Fun at Jessies.. said...

I'm glad you liked your hostess giftie! Thanks so much for putting the book together, I can't wait to see it!!!

Anonymous said...

Look at all the treats!! What fun surprises..Thanks for including little portion compared to all the Mrs. Claus's out there!



^..^Corgidogmama said...

May I please....ahem, cough, mail boxes with you? Yours is ever so much more fun than mine!