Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Indy 500

Hey dolls,

Hope everyone is having a fabulous week.

I am headed to Indiana.
Indy 500
Family time.
and the winner is?....

I will be looking for this Barbie Pink car.

Have a great Holiday weekend!!!

see ya'all next week.



Lori said...

have fun!!!

Charlene said...

HAVE A BLAST! I can't wait to meet you at Kim's Event. I'm thinking about what to do for the bottle swap. THANKS for hosting it. Charlene

Sherry Williams said...

Hope you have lots of fun, Jessi! See ya soon sweetie!
Sherry said...

Have a great trip, Jessi! I grew up near Indy and never missed the time trials each spring. I don't follow it now, but sure know a lot about the drivers from the 70s....