Wednesday, May 12, 2010

still on a roll....

Hey Dolls
Happy HumP DaY!

Hope everyone is having a fantastic week.

It has been so rainy, cold and dreary outside.

I guess a girl just has to stay in and craft.

"Secret Garden"

I'm having so much fun making these.
Each on is totally unique.
One of a kind.
Love That!


I'm making tons of really cute headbands.
They will be listed in my shop this week.


These are so sweet.
I adore gingham.

The next ones are a group of seer sucker,
and a group of floral headbands.

Stay tuned!
I'm off to create!



Stevie said...

hehe, love your background! Isn't it so cheerful and lovely?!

I love your headbands! I found a tutorial on etsy for the flowers!!! I can't wait to try my hand at a necklace! Maybe we can swap!

It's rainy here as well. Actually since yesterday, but this weekend is suppose to be nice.


Sue said...

Ohhh! Your Secret Garden is just yummy! I don't blame you for wanting to keep it. Seeing all of its bright and cheerful flowers cheered me up on this gloomy day.


Maija said...

I have to have one of the headbands!!!!

Grace said...

I definately "need" a headband! eek too cute! You are a creating busy bee lately! love it! Grace xoxoxo

Holly Loves Art said...

Cute cute cute cute cute!!! Love the dolly boxes. How adorable! Super sweet headbands too.