Thursday, August 26, 2010

LOVE Target

Hey dolls,

Hope everyone  is
 having a fabulous week!

so you know how much i love
 JCrew, and Anthropologie.

I LOVE Target!!

Look at all these 


New Fall coats


cha ching

New scarves!!!

Yup you are not crazy you are reading the 
CORRECT prices.

New hat

Ruffle cardigans
So cute!
There are tons of colors!

 to go under new sweaters

$ 8.00 Bucks
again J Crew $18.00 each

 Classic v-neck cable sweaters
The ones from J Crew
were $78.00 each

eeekkk so cute!!
polka dot cardigan
Again the one last year from J Crew was 

Cute pj's
Nick and Nora


And here are some cute shoes for fall


I bought a pair of these last year from J Crew.

cute t-straps.
lots of colors

Quilted flats
Chanel???Just sayin

Burberry???again just sayin.
super cute, tons of patterns.

Last but not least...

Hard sided clutch wallet.
I finally broke down and bought one.
this one.
It is so easy to find in my purse.
Love that!!

Well ladies that's it for today!!

Now get out there and hit your local Target.
There are TONS
of Fab Finds there.



Valarie said...

Jessi...absolutely adorable. However, I bet these styles look a whole lot cuter on you. Maybe you could come to Denver and do a little shopping with me?? haha
Have a fabulous day.
xxoo Valarie

Cindy said...

LOVE Target! These are some great finds, thanks for sharing! I'm looking forward to Fall (hopefully cooler weather) shopping!

Hey, been meaning to ask ya, what you thought of Canton? Hotter than heck, I know...but what did you think overall?


Romancing The Bling said...

Jessi...I love Target; one stop shopping!
Thanks for sharing on the cute clothes, shoes, etc.
I have had a "hard" wallet for a while now and I love it!
Have a wonderful day!


Jennifer Hayslip said...

Great fall clothes doll! Im especially love the hat and scarves. So fun!!! You can NEVER go wrong shopping at Target! I always find a million cute things there. My wallet hates it! LOL!!! Thanks for sharing!!! XOXO,Jenn

Honey Lamb and I said...

Jessi I love you and you crack me up! You are like the world's girlfriend sharing all your great finds! I love it! See you soon:)

Stevie said...

Greetings! I LOVE Target! I especially am loving those scarves and cardigans. Next weekend we're heading to VA and I'll be hitting their Target for sure! (we don't have one close by)

Stampindamour said...

SO cute! I didn't need anything from Target, but now you've given me a reason to go shopping! :)


Something Special said...

Well if this is how you dress, then you are adorable everyday! Thought I would visit your blog from Valarie's I had that barbie doll too when I was a girl. Sort of ages me doesn't it. (I love Target too)

Kateyed said...

Get me to Target now! We are a mile from Target #1. They absolutely rule! I love the shoes with the rose...for that price, why not? I adore Nick and Nora Pajamas. Te material is so soft and the winter flannel ones last forever and never get nubby!

Thanks, Jessi!


Unknown said...

Hi Jessi! Thanks so much for stopping by to say hello! In my next life, I do hope I come back as you. You are just charming and a breath of fresh air. I just know your summer was a fun one! Take care, Elizabeth

NicNacManiac said...

Are you kidding me....I love those shoes and the pretty scarves and at those prices...geez....wish I lived in the states or at least could shop Target on line....then I'd be as adorable as you, one can dream! Looks like we might have to do a little cross border shopping..real soon!!
Happy Weekend sweetie, thanks for sharing xOxO Nerina

mendytexas said...

Those shoes....wowsers!! Also, the longer tanks are my fav. Gotta head town to my "Tarje" immediately! Thanks for the tips girlie! :)mendy

Anonymous said...

I LOVE TARGET TOO!! I just bought two of those cute ruffle sweaters yesterday!! WOO HOO!!

Roxie Morrow said...

Can I get the link for those gray Fall heels, gots to have some!!!

Thanks dollface!