Monday, August 9, 2010

Weekend In Dallas Cont....

Hey Hey Dolls!!

So on with Dallas.


First day at the

sneak peek

I don't want to show anymore pictures of Debbie and Shea's studio.

It is going to be in 
Where woman Create.

Stay Tuned!!!


fun times!!

Colleen Moody's
Doll class

class kit
so cute!
one of Colleens dolls
My new doll i bought from Colleen.
She is so pretty.
My finished doll
She's a sassy blue bird!!

The Girls!

Love all these cuties!!!

I'm a winner!!!

Check it out!!!

I won this giveaway!!!
woo hoo
so amazing!!!

~Vendor Night~

Just doing a little shopping!!!

~Jewelry stash swap~

What a fabulous Saturday we had!!

Stay Tuned.....
coming up.

Shea's Bracelet class
more fun times with all the girls.



Stevie said...

Wow! Beautiful girl! xo

Carole said...

The event looks awesome. Glad you had fun!

Kateyed said...

What an incredible event. Your little blue bird doll is so cute and the bags are all awesome. The flea market looks amazing...unlike anything I have seen around the Midwest. Congratulations on winning the picture! So cute!!!


Robin Thomas said...

Great photos! Good stuff huh? I think I may still be in a little gilded hangover of joy...

Kristie said...

I just love all the pictures you shared! Thank you and I'm so glad you had fun. I do have on question though, can you please let me know when "Where Woman Create" will come out with the rest of pictures of their studio. I don't want to miss that issue.

Such a Wondrous Place this Faery Space said...

First, adore the blog look!!!! Such beautiful colors along the sides!!! The blog title pic is so precious I have tingles at the cuteness! Now to the funny part, you know that amazing tin you have in your hand in the shopping photos? I have that same tin that I picked-up at artist, Dan Di Paolo's party a month ago (see facebook, hee hee) I adore that tin!!!! I put my glitter vials and bits in it! You look joyous and well and what a setting to create in!!! I am so happy when I see all these beautiful women celebrating life and creativity!!! Thanks Jessi for showing me! Blessings friend.

Alisa Noble said...

Your birdie turned out darling, Jessi! The phone is just too cute!