Sunday, September 5, 2010

New Fab Fav Finds

Happy 3 Day Weekend!!

Hope everyone is having
 a fantastic weekend!

I have a few new 
for you dolls!


I Love this for my Kuerig
it is delish!!!

3.Moulin Rouge

Movie and soundtrack
one of my Fav Movies eva!!

So so so Good!!!

If you haven't seen it go and rent it!!!
you will want to buy it!!

4.New Fall Perfumes

Kim Kardashian perfume
sold at Sephora

Pure Poison
oldie but a goody!

New Gucci Guilty
it's dangerous.

2 new nail polishes i love for Fall

"Im suzi and im a chocoholic"
lovely brown red

"William tell me about it."
a deep plummy brown.
Not black.

Suede and ruffles
what else would a girl want???
OK the best part.....
They are sold at KOHLS!!!!
Yup you heard me right!!!
They are on sale for
 $75.00 bucks!!!
Use a kohls coupon, and 
cha ching!!!!

This mascara is great.
it doesn't flake or smudge.
and is cheap, like 6 bucks.
Sold at walgreens, target &wal mart
Its awesome!!!

OK love bugs 
that's it for my finds this week!!
Have Fun!!!!



Maija said...

William Tell Me is my new OPI favorite for Fall too!!!

mendytexas said...

Update on Mendy's shopping...
Got the boots from Kohls-they're a bit high for me, but fabulous. Got one of the Target sweaters. Thought about the target hat, but went with a western theme instead for SB! Got the target neck throw, and did you see the darling sleeveless ruffled dressy blouse to go under a sweater there too? Also found some fun dressy black patten heels with small flower on the strap. Did you see those? Going now for the OPI! Hugs! Mendy
Mendy :)

Romancing The Bling said...

I love my Kreuig coffee maker! <3 I'll have to try this.
I hope you are having a fantabulous weekend! I've been filling in and working at my friend Lisa's Antique, Garden and Collectibles shop since Friday and baby sitting her sweet little poodle, Alfie!
Stay tuned to my postings on my blog for the next couple of days as I have BIG news to share! <3


♥zoe♥ said...

Hey Jessi♥
That's amazing finds! I want all of them and i LOVEDDDDDDD MOULIN ROUGE! Nicole Kidman is so dang GORGEOUS in this movie♥ It's always nice to watch it again!

Love ya! Have a R&R long weekend!

Holly Loves Art said...

Fun post Jessi! LOVE those boots! So cute. New nail colors are pretty too. Must have!

Sissie's Shabby Cottage said...

I'll take one of each please!
Wonderful finds. Love the chocolate nail polish. Love it all.


Lori said...

hi there, still on my break...but keeping up via my google reader...i had to pop in and tell you that i just bought those boots, they were on sale for $69 when i bought them online, PLUS i had a coupon...$60 total including shipping and taxes...i felt like i was stealing them...they are totally adorable in person!!!

Lori Saul said...

Wow what a fun time I had viewing your blog- all kinds of goodies. I'm partial to those boots and the chocolate plum nail polish! Off to Kohls I go this week. Thanks for your visit and kind comment on my blog!

kayellen said...

Oh so many fun finds!! I love those boots!! Kohls?! Wow!
Hope you had a fab weekend sweet Jessie!!

Kay Ellen

Roxie Morrow said...

I totally just tried those boots on last week! Love them!!! What a great price too!


LuLu Kellogg said...

I have been needing some new nail polish and I am going to order these OPI colors....LOVE THEM!


Unknown said...

I love your suggestions and I hunted 4 stores before I found the Wiliam.. O.P.I nail polish. I can't wait to wear it :)

Sandy xox

Debbies Doodle said...

Diet Trop-A-Rocka™ Tea i can not find it = do they still make ti?? I can finally make a good cup of coffee with my freeing.. and the money i save.. is wonderful...