Wednesday, July 11, 2007

2 more days!



Yeah Roadtrip! going to Des Moines for a long

weekend of scrappin, laughter, food, and drinks.

OOH! and Mexican food at On the Border. my fav!

Did someone say MARGARITA?

Can't wait to catch up with my buds, Dani, And Tiffany.

I'll take lots of pics. were bound to have a great time.

Were going to my favorite scrap store.Memory Bound.

it's in Akeny ,Iowa. go figure? but, it rocks.

Check them out. They have an online store.

Were Scrappin at ARCHIVERS all weekend.

Should be fun!

See ya all on Monday!

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Anonymous said...

So jealous of your trip to Des Moines. My DD lives there w/ her family, and I love prowling all over that place. Don't forget the Brass Armadillo as you go up to Mem. Bound. It's a good one.